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The glass boy!!

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7 months ago

Greetings Dear Readers!!

It is said that when a girl becomes pragnent, she feels the pain of breaking more than fifty bones at the time of delivery. I know this is very difficult stage for a girl. But she endures the pain at the time of delivery. Now you may be thinking that my point doesn't match with the title at all.

My today's article is on a glass boy and obviously he is not a glass but given "Glass" name to him. One such a boy suffers the pain of breaking a bone everyday. The boy I'm talking about is named Rohit. His bones are so weak that even a small injury can break his bones. He can't play, he can't walk and he can't sit up completely. Because even with this action, his bones is broken. That is why this boy is called a glass boy.

And it is said that the bones of this boy are joined over time but become so weak that the bones break again. I was shocked when I read this. At first I thought it might be just a rumour. But then the thought came to my mind why not do a Google search for it. And when I read about this disease in google, I found out that it is really a bone weakness. And this disease is called osteoporosis, in Which the bones either break or becomes weak. It also happens that the bones break down slowly in the form of powder. But as is the case with this boy, in very few cases it has been observed that his bones is broken on small things and also said that more than 100 bones are fracture of this boy. I pray that he recovers as soon as possible because he is definitely going through a very difficult stage.

There is treatment for this disease but at an early stage. And doctor prefers exercise to early stage of this disease. The first sign of this disease is that the nails begin to break. And at the same time we can't grab anything with all our might. This disease slowly eats away at the human inside. Therefore please concern to your doctor when you suffer from these symptoms like pain in your hip, back, spinal cord, broken your nails etc.

Closing thoughts:

The only purpose of talking about delivery at the beginning of my article was to make the women feel the pain of this boy. Because I and other guy like me can't even imagine this boy's pain. We boys can't even feel the pain but you guys can. Therefore I start my article on different point.

It's all about for today guys. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you much my dear reader who support me in such difficult time.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed day.


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Written by   84
7 months ago
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I think I came across with this news. The bones are very fragile and so it is needed to have an extreme proper way to treat this disease. I feel sorry for the person.

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7 months ago