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Tale of Today's generation

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3 months ago

Hey guys!!

I remember when I was a child, there were small cars in the shop near my house which I used to save my pocket money and buy. Even then my father had a mobile but I was never interested in using it. Because we 90s child were engrossed in our own world. We used to play with friends from the street and neighborhood. I used to be the craziest while playing cricket because then I was famous among my friends for batting. And believe me those days were golden days. I didn't know what love was then and (unfortunately still don't know haha). Yes, but today's generation knows this all too well. I am surprised to think that the children of today are losing their childhood. They are eight or ten years old and have grown up.

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Socially connected:

You all must have seen how today's generation is obsessed with mobile. Rather, if I talk about children, they do not eat without mobile. Try it and see that the nawala (bite/chunk) will not enter from their throat until they see the mobile phone. Today's kids know about apps that we never knew. Most of today's girls are losing their virginity at the age of fourteen or fifteen. Children's Tik Tok accounts are created. They are putting their statuses in Facebook and Instagram in such a way that reading their statuses does not think that they are children.

If this situation continues for these children, their future will be ruined. Keep an eye on your kids.

Heart broken:

There is a lot of trend of elopement marriage. At the age of education, children are falling in love on social media. Children are suffering from depression and anxiety. At the age of eighteen, we are getting to see the heartbreaking status of those children. Our generation was supposed to go into doctor engineer fields, but what path have they taken? Attempting suicide has become an easy task for them.

Do you see a bright future for your child?

Maybe not!!

And you know what!! the biggest mistake in this is the parents who give mobile phones to their children and forget what their children are doing on the mobile phones. Always remember one thing that if your child is quiet for a few days outside of the normal routine, do not leave him alone. Because this is a red signal that your child is going through difficult situations. Keep your children frank with you so that they can share everything with you.

So, Keep eye on your children to save their future.....

That's it!!

Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Have a great day ahead.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me.

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Written by   84
3 months ago
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Indeed times have changed. Social media has made people more emotionally distant from one another. It's normal but abnormal at the same time, life itself is dynamic.

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3 months ago

You understood exactly what I tried to say.

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3 months ago