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11 months ago

Hey Readers!!

You know How common are suicide cases?

Why doesn't man value his life?

Is suicide the solution of all problems?

What does it happen to a person that he cannot bear and and loses his precious life with his own self?

A few days ago, I saw a post in which a brave Pakistani woman, a sub-inspector committed Suicide. She was married and had two daughters. Was the woman guarding Pakistan whom I called brave, is she really brave?

I have heard a lot of suicide cases but what was about this case that still lingers in my mind?

The thing that has stuck in my mind and hasn't come out yet is that; before she died, this woman had written on the glass of her room that

" Please pray that my soul is taken away peacefully and marry my daughters to the man who take their responsibilities". (Her words)

This one line of her had raised many questions.

This women knew that committing Suicide is a Haram death and it is very difficult to take one's own life with one's own hand, so before she died, she wrote prayers should be offered for her. Why did she commit suicide even after knowing all this?

This woman knew that no one cares as much as a mother cares for her children, yet she committed Suicide why?

This one line shows that she was not happy with her husband therefore she wanted her daughters to marry a man who had a great value and morals.

If she was happy with her husband then what happened to her which she couldn't bear and took her own life with her own hands. How difficult it is?

This woman was a policewoman. She saved many lives but made her own life worthless. How could she leave her children alone?

If I could, I would ask suicidal people their feelings about, why they do it? Why they consider their lives meaningless? What happens to them that they can't understand and give up their lives?

The answers to such questions can only be found from those who attempted the suicide. Because people can only guess about their condition.

A few days ago, I read a @Molotov02 article in which she told about the Suicide Attempting of a university boy. Which made me feel very sad.

Do you know that today's generation is taking this step day by day. There is no tolerance in today's generation. 800,000 people attempt Suicide each year. The main cause of suicide is mental health. Young people and mostly adolescent have mental disorders. Our generation try to build confidence, self esteem. They must learn to handle their problems. They make their family a friend. If they need a psychiatrist then not feel ashamed.

Always remember, Attempting to commit Suicide does not make your problem easier, it is traumatic event for your family.

It's all about today guys. Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful.


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Peace .....

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