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Some changes are painful but necessary!!

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3 months ago

Helo guys!!

In life, a person falls into many bad habits, from which it is sometimes very important to get rid of them. But man begins to understand that he will not be able to escape from these evil things. But let me say one thing that nothing is impossible in this world, by trying we can do everything that is necessary for us. Just don't give up.

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What are the things that people have become addicted to and don't want to give up? Let's talk about it...


One of my uncles smokes. And it has become impossible for him to quit smoking. Just like we cannot live without water, smoking is also playing this important role in his life because he too cannot live without smoking. When I told him to give up this bad habit, he said that half of his life has passed, now he can't give it up. Quitting smoking is very difficult for people who have become addicted to it. But it is also very important for them to leave. If a person falls into these bad habits, he cannot become a successful person in this life.

Over eating:

Some people dream of being smart but don't stop overeating. They eat whatever they get to eat without thinking about how bad it affects their health. Such people do not eat three times a day, but when they feel hungry, they start eating and fast food becomes an addiction for them. This is a very bad habit that should be given up. Not only do they damage their stomach, but they are also unable to set any goal in their life. Because overeating is enough to spoil the body figure.

So we should set some goal in our life and follow it. We should make a time table and adopt the habit of walk after eating.

Apart from this there are many other habits like drinking alcohol. Which people have made their habit as fashion. And despite knowing its ill effects, they continue to use it.

A person who has these two habits, if he leaves them, he will feel peace in his life. But I also know that it is a very difficult task. But if a person makes a firm commitment to himself, he can make the impossible possible.

That's it!!

Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Have a good day ahead.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me.

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Written by   84
3 months ago
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