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Pros of own business/freelancing

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3 months ago

Helo guys!!

If you work in a company or somewhere, you will know how you have to be punctual. And if ever you need leave due to some urgent work, then you have to work hard for it. And then you hardly get a holiday or two. By working in other's company, you cannot do anything of your own free will. You have to work at the under of others.

But own business is the only work in which we give our hundred percent and we can do whatever we want.

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They can do their work at any time, at any place:

Today is the age of freelancing. And whoever is familiar with this skill and is an expert in it, then he is tension free even in this period. Time-space has no meaning for him. Rather, he need a laptop or mobile and net packages for this. And sitting anywhere he can talk to his clients and accept their order.

My friends who are working on Fiver and Upwork say that they have done better by learning skills than studying. They says that if a daily order is worth a hundred or two hundred dollars, it only takes an hour or two to do it. For this, they do not need a place, even if they are in the university, they start their work there or if they are at my house, they take orders from their clients. And earning twenty thousand per day is not a small amount for a Pakistani. Because it fulfills both needs and desires easily.

Time spend with their family:

A person can provide a proper time to their family with their business or freelancing skills. They can always make outing programs with their family. They don't need anyone's permission because they are their own boss. And believe me, the fun of this work is doubled if we are the boss of our own work.

On the contrary, if we work in a company, we don't get time to sit with our family and we slowly get away from our family. Then our job is only to earn money. Because we work with one idea and that idea is to make money and fulfill needs. From which we start to go towards depression and anxiety.

A lot of Respect:

One of the biggest plus point of freelancing is that there is a lot of respect. Every client speaks with respect. And if a client's behaviour is not good, we can also cancel his order. Because all these things depend on us. People call us Sir and we earn a lot of respect at a young age.

But remember one thing that all these demand one thing from us and that is "hard work".

So we should learn freelancing by working hard for a few months. If you are not interested then start your own business because I always say one thing that "salary only fulfills the needs, but the own business fulfills the desires."

That's it!!

Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Have a great day ahead.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me.

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Written by   84
3 months ago
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