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"Practical human psychology"

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3 months ago

Greetings guy's!!

What is the reason people are feeling bad about you or you are not being impressed?

And why are not people attracted to you?

Why people laugh on you?

Why people bad comments to you when you share something about you?

These are questions we don't even understand.

How can you be good in front of people?

Let's talk about it:

How you change people psychology?

If you are doing something for the first time and you don't know about it. Definitely by this, people's give you a bad comments.

For example, you are invited to dance on stage. But you don't know how to dance. And you are trying for the first time. You know that people will laugh at you if you do wrong dance. You also know that some people will make wrong comments to you.

So, how can you change people's psychology at that time?

It's simple when you go on stage, tell people on the mic that this is my first performance of my life and I have never danced before because I don't know "how to dance". And I can only try because I'm not perfect.

It will let people know that you don't know how to dance and believe me they will appreciate you whatever you do in stage. Because they know that you already accept your weakness. That's the trick when you change the psychology of people.

Also, If you are uploading any video on Facebook, you should write down any mistake that you see in the video beforehand on the description.

You won't get any bad comments because you have already told people about your mistake.

So guy's, accept your mistake and nothing feel ashamed for that.

Instead of request, say challenge:

We often need help in our lives. We seek the help of others for our work. We requested people many times that please help us. And they delay our work.

So, what should we do at that time?

Stop requesting and tell them ,man you can't do it. Just challenge them that they can't do it. Then they will do our job.


Because people never hurt their ego. We humans are challenging. Challenge accepted always present in humans genes.

Instead of argue just to be appreciated:

Our friends ,our siblings , our fathers scolded us. People do three things here.

1: They keep silent

2: They apologized for their mistakes

3: They can't accept mistake and start arguing.

There is one more thing we can do. Instead of arguing. Just appreciated them.

For example a friend is scolding you. Instead of arguing, take his attention elsewhere. Like you taught a very good lesson to someone that day. You did wonderful job that day.

Believe me experts says , in mostly cases,when you do such things to someone who scolded you. He forget about scolding. He will be happy with his compliment and appreciation.

For Readers:

I hope guys you like this. I'm happy when you read this and like my articles. It feels good when we work together in this platform. Really a best platform that encourage our writing.

Btw!! How's your day going on?


It's written by me. Its 97% unique.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy. Have a blessed day guys. :)


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Written by   38
3 months ago
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You said it all and that’s true. In my opinion people do this because they don’t want to see other people more success full than them that’s why they demotivate you in the start.

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3 months ago

I agree with you 100%. They discouraged those people who deserve successful life.

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3 months ago