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Pain is not a vain

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4 months ago


Life is the combination of happiness and sadness. Man experiences joys and sorrows in life like day and night. Some people either learn something by being patient or some cogs lose courage. In our eyes, the image of pain is bad. But have any of us ever realized that if there was no pain, how could we feel pleasure? Pain is not necessarily bad. Pain sometimes teaches us lessons we can't even imagine.

Do you know what is the most important reward we get from pain?

We are closer to God.

In happiness, a person is so busy in his celebration that he forgets to thank his Lord. But pain is the only means by which we remember God and get closer to Him. We pray for him to get out of this difficult phase.

When pleasure comes after pain, it has a different feeling. It was not like ordinary happiness. Rather, it is a special happiness. If someone breaks up, then that person goes through the stage of pain and then he remembers his God that why this happened to him. But God has thought much better for him and when man endures this time patiently, God blesses him more than before.

Or if a person loses his job, everything is over for him in a second. Many of his needs stop. In a time he again goes to the zero stage۔

But Who knows if He who is above thought better of this man than this job? Yes!! There comes a time when that person gets a better job than before and then he thinks that what happened to him was very good and in that case he is satisfied with the decisions of God.

So guys, whenever you are going through pain, you must hope for something good. The one who gave this pain will also take you out of this stage. Allah is only testing us. So always be patient at such a stage. Because by getting angry and crying we will not get the first things. Be patient and waiting for your happiness moment.

The end!!

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I hope you all are well guys. I am here after a long time and I hope to get a good response. Let me tell you that I was busy with many things including my cousin's marriage and my course. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity guys. Have a good night .....

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Written by   84
4 months ago
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