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One day you thank yourself!!

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4 months ago

Hey guys!!

The period from childhood to youth and the period from youth to old age is a great truth of a person's life. Because we cannot be child or young for forever. Old age awaits us. I have heard that many people have many regrets in old age. In which not fulfilling your dreams and not giving yourself time is the biggest regret.

How nice it would be if we could do everything in our young age that would make us feel proud and grateful in our old age. Because it is not necessary that we also have to repent in that age like other people.

What can we do to thank ourselves in our old age?

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You thank yourself for Not giving up:

Every person wants to be a successful person but it is very difficult for him to decide in which field he wants to be successful. Because now this age is such that many fields are before us and we don't know where to start our journey. We should make one field our profession and devote all our efforts to it. But first give yourself some time to see in which field you can work better. In which field you have more interest, when you know this, you will automatically start giving your hundred percent in that field. And will not deviate from their path until they reach their destination. One thing should always be remembered that there are many U-turns along the way and many difficulties which you must face and if you bravely face them then success will not far away from you. In old age, you will thank yourself for not giving up to your field.

You thank yourself for your beautiful soul:

No matter how much a person gets fame or progress, but unless there is humanity in him, he does not deserve to be called a human. But if you are a good person, you will never put another person in trouble, but you will help others out of trouble. If you are a successful person as well as possessing a good heart, believe me, in old age you will not regret the fact that you wish you had treated people with good behaviour.

Thank yourself for listen to your heart:

If you listen and believe your heart, it will be the greatest happiness for you. Today's people take advice from others before doing anything, even though their heart is willing to do something else, they take advice from others and follow their advice. And when there is any loss, at such a stage they are left alone. If a person has been following the advice of others throughout his life, he will surely regret in his old age that he would have listened to his heart.

On the contrary, a person who listens to everyone and does what his heart desires, then that person will never regret.

Take a look at yourself and see if you are doing something that you can thank yourself for. If not, start a journal for yourself.

That's it!!

Thank you for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Have a good day ahead guys.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me.

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Written by   84
4 months ago
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