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Meet a new member of my family!!

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7 months ago

Hey guys, what's up??

What are your goals for new month? And how is this month for you? Lighten up a bit. And If I had my say, I wouldn't have a good month. There are many reasons for this, I will tell you in another article.

Hey!! Is he not cute???

Meet Olex, who has recently become a member of my family.

We all know that an event of Muslims is coming which is called Eid-ul-Adha. Oh I don't think everyone knows, so let me tell them that the Muslim Eid on July 10, in which all Muslims follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S (prophet) and sacrifice animals. And this is our event after Hajj.

And the best thing about this event is that no body differentiate between rich and poor. Everyone has equal rules. Meat is distributed to the poor and we also helped them. And in this event the rights of the poor are paid.

So we bought this sheep for Eid. And my sister named him Olex. Hehe. Believe me first she gets up in the morning and greets him then she goes to school. And even after coming home from school, she meets him first. My sister talks to him as if this animal (sorry Olex) understands everything.

My brother and I went to buy him. But going to the goat market, we found out that how much inflation has skyrocketed. There were no animal less than fourty thousand (193$). And everyone was charging so much. At first we thought we would bring another day. But my brother said that we are now in such heat so we buy at any condition today. Then we liked Olex which cost was 55 thousand (265$). We bought him and came home.

Believe me we just take care of him just like a family member. Even in such heat we manage a special fan for him. But he is too naughty coz he broke his rope at the mid of the night and wandering like a zombie at my whole house and fill his stomach by ate my plants (ohh my poor plants).

When I took this picture of him, he became so serious that there is nothing more important than taking a photo 😅. Btw I love his eyes, I think the colour of his eyes is hazel or light brown.

And now Olex has taken our place because first he gets the food then it's our turn (laughter).

Who has completed the preparation for this event guys? I have to buy clothes but first I'm waiting for the good weather.

Anyways it's all about for today guys. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you so much my dear readers, upvoters and commentators. You encourage me to write articles.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed day guys.


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Written by   84
7 months ago
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