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I'm getting my motivation back

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6 months ago

Today I am uploading the article after a week. And as I write this article, I'm wondering if I've been too careless. I haven't missed a single article in three months. But in this month I have wasted many days. It's not that I was too busy to write an article. Actually I needed a motivational boost which I was missing these days. And I'm sorry I couldn't read anyone's article.

And would you believe me, I pulled out my BCH wallet today and looked at the price, and I was happy to see that BCH had reached $110.

The reason for not writing my article was one of our Muslim events in which I was busy and the other was that my motivational energy was lost. Which I have taken back by spending enough time alone today.

And those who are giving their time to this site even in difficult times, I salute them. I think I will get this motivation from you guys. Because you are the one who cheers me up here. Sometimes a person should take a break from their work. Taking a break doesn't mean we give up and never do the same thing again. So, Rest and join your work re-energized.

Well my last week has been great. Many guests came to our house. And it was very important to give them time. Dinner parties happen a lot in our family. So my whole family was engaged in the same event. We have had eight consecutive dinners in eight days. Today was a free day and I spent some time alone and anchored myself. Believe me, eating rice and meat in those 8 days made me lose my appetite lol. Therefore, my mother made a special vegetable curry. And I enjoyed the vegetable curry so much today that I felt like I was in the air for a while. Hehe

And my sister teased me a lot today. She has been watching India's famous dish momos(dumplings) all day. And told me to bring it from the market. But believe me, after walking around the market for an hour, there was not a single shop of momos anywhere. So, she decided that tomorrow she will make it herself at home. That means I'm going to have another upset stomach tomorrow.

Anyways, I hope I can write articles daily now. If I am not able to write daily, then I will write an article in two days.

It's all about for today guys. I hope you like it and you will not forget me. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful.

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Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed night guys.


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Written by   84
6 months ago
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Sometimes we really need some break, honestly I have also missed some days as I felt demotivated because of the current dip. However I still do try to continue. Anyway welcome back my friend.

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6 months ago

You also get some rest too dear. Btw thank you so much.

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6 months ago