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If you focus on "what you lack", you will lose "what you have"...

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4 months ago

Greetings guy's!!

I couldn't write an article this morning because I was not well and also there were no words to write. I thought that I would write tomorrow but when I sat down to write, the words came to my mind.

Get in the habit of giving thanks for what you have. Give thanks at what you have at this time. This is the best way to be happy. Because if we think that others have this thing and why we don't have it, we will be depressed automatically.

Lets take my example, when I'm in matric. I was study with my friend. He was better than me in everything. He was good at study. He was also good at his personality. When I saw him, I always wished I was like that. Believe me, I was sad when I see him. Then the first thing I understood that he was not as much height as I am. His height was small than myself. And the second thing I notice, When my principal choose me to speech from the whole school, I thought that I was the best of them all. At that time , I thought that the qualities I possessed, were not possessed by others. That's when I realized the importance of "what I have".

We will be happy when we begin to value ourselves.

What if we don't have a car? We have a good bike. Look at the people below you who don't even have a bike. When you look at the people below you, you will know the importance of yourself. You will know the importance of things that you have.

People have an iPhone and we all want to have an iPhone. But the mobile we have, many people wish to want it. Focus on what you have. Value of your things. Don't ignore them. Because we bought this with our hardworking.

We all know that:

Man is manniquin of desires

If a person finds one thing, he begins to desire another. There is long list of human desires. So, it's better to stop thinking about "what we lack". Just know the importance of "what you have".

My father always tell me one thing that:

"Look at the people below you and be thankful that you are better than them"

If you want to be happy, stop thinking about what the world is taking, what the world is saying and how rich the world is. Just make your plans that what can you do next in future. Believe me , you become successful person when you value your things and always thankful to God.

God has made us so good, there are many people who do not have legs, who do not have hands, who do not have foots. If you sit with such people for a while, they will be more enthusiastic than us. They still thanks to God. Because they know the value of things more than you. Believe me if we think of such people, we will know the value of our things. So just focus on you and your things, that you have. This is best way of your happiness.

I hope guys, you like to read this article. By the way guys, have you noticed the doodle of Google. Today's, Google celebrate its 23rd birthday.

Happy 23rd birthday google wohooooo....


It's written by myself. It's 94% unique.

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Stay safe, stay happy. Have a blessed night guys.

Peace ....

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Written by   38
4 months ago
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A very interesting article,i really enjoyed reading...It was inspiring and reprimanding to know that we take our values for granted because we compare ourselves with others

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4 months ago

That's very kind of you that you like my words. It's really appreciated. :)

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4 months ago

You are always welcome

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4 months ago