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"I found my father's old diary; priceless memory"

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1 month ago

Helo Readers!!!

I hope you are all fine and enjoy your day.

Today I'm so happy. I'm happy for what???

You already read my article title, yeah that's the reason of my real happiness.

Okay let me tell you....

Today I was looking for my bat ball in the store room because my brother was saying that we play cricket. I didn't find a bat ball but my eyes fell on a bag. My heart was pounding as I opened the bag and saw what was in it. I came out and told my brother that I didn't get the bat, you bring it from the market. And then I came back to the store room and opened the bag. There were a lot of old things in the bag but I stopped at a diary. I swept the diary and brought it to my room. First I took the picture of the diary. There was a lot of dust on it so it was not cleaned properly.

After clicking the picture , when I opened the diary, I was very happy to see my father's name. Ohh this is my father's diary. I was shocked to see year. It was 1991. Oh my God, this is diary of when I was not even born. I don't think my father was married at that time.

I'm happy to see the year. It was January 1991. And I was born in 1998. Ohhhh that's a huge gap. As I was reading the diary, I realized that my father loved poetry. I found out today that why I liked poetry so much because my father loved poetry. While I was reading the diary there was a page on which it was written.

"Love is life and you are my worship"

How cute na!! When I read this line, I wondered who gave it to my father. Actually my father write on this diary in urdu language. Actually I'm from Pakistan and my national language is urdu. Therefore my father's writing on this diary is Urdu. I just translate it in English. I felt good, reading of my father's memorable words.

I like these words. He's telling about the sadness and happiness. Here In my father's point of view, that sadness is much better than happiness. Because in sadness, we know about who are with us or not. He write in this diary, everyone feared that happiness left at any time but sadness always with us. Actually I think my father was deep thinking boy at his time. I imagine how my father looking, when he wrote diary haha. Actually he was so thoughtful guy.

The words that was surrounding in my mind that "Did my father liked anyone". May be he write poetry for my mother. Because they both were cousins. Haha.

Btw, I like my father's writing. This diary is so old that the Colour of his writing has faded. I can't believe that I was reading my father's diary. Wohooo...

He also wrote his lecture on this diary. He write about electricity field. He was job at Wapda but now he take the retirement.Believe me guys, I'm so happy to read this diary that I cannot describe my happiness. After reading this diary, I saw my father as a student and also a poet.

I love you dad

I hope you have also your old memories. May be you have also the memories of your parents. That was the priceless feelings.

Anyways guy's, hope you like to read this article. Happy Rabi ul Awal to all of you. That was a priceless day because this day our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW was born. So we Muslim celebrate His birth day.

And thank you @Niazi420 for your real advice to me.

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Stay blessed, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed day. :)

Peace ....

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Written by   32
1 month ago
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