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How to stop caring, "What people think"...

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4 months ago

Greetings guy's!!

Often we are hesitant to share with people that if we talk to them, we don't know what they will think of us. Thinking about "what people will say" is the killer of our happiness.

Most of the time we think that if we do this and we don't succeed , what people thinking about us. By this thinking we go to shame and stop our work. Instead of thinking that we can do it or we will do it, we just thinking about people.

And what can we do then??

We begin to see ourselves through people eye's. We make the same standards for ourselves that people make for us.

How we can avoid from people thinking?

Firstly we must try to focus on our success not people's word. Our First priority is to focus on ourselves. No doubt, failures are also the part of our life but it doesn't mean that we think about People's words and stop to try again.

Secondly, you value those people who value you and who are happy with your success. Because they deserve our value and respect. And stay away from people who are happy with your failures. Some people think to important to give their opinion but you don't have to agree with them. One thing to always remember is that:

There are hundreds of people around you and you cannot fulfill the expectations of everyone.

So focus only on those people who are part of your life and who are important to you.

Thirdly, if none of your work is good, instead of being embarrassed learn a lesson from it. Always do things that bring you peace of mind and confidence. Not all people are perfect. One thing always remember:

People who do not have any work just laugh at others.

Be aware of these people.

Last , you learn to control your thoughts. Often we carry things on our own that people don't even think about it. Often you feel that every Human being is paying attention to you and just judging you. But in reality this is not the case.

Now , in this era or age, everyone busy in their own work. People doesn't have time to think about us anymore. If we understand this, more than half of our tension will go away.

So, what's people think about you, it's mostly depend on your own thoughts. Stop and avoid these things and live your life happily.

What do people think of us? If we will also think about this,then what people will think? Hehe

People's job is to check, interrupt, talk and thinking about you. So, just chill and do your 100%. Don't lose opportunity because of people's thinking. Avoid negative thoughts and enjoy your life.

Don't let others to decide your future. It's your life, just decide what you really want and go after it.

I hope guys you like it. I'm little hurting coz here many people read my article but very few people like my article. Anyways its your opinion or choice.

Thank you for your time :)


All words written by myself, it's unique.

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Written by   37
4 months ago
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In some cases, putting too much time and energy into worrying what other people think can be harmful to your self-image and mental health.

Taking others’ opinions as truth can lead to a vicious cycle of insecurity and vulnerability.

But caring about how our actions impact people around us also plays a crucial role in maintaining meaningful relationships.

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4 months ago

Exactly,.I agreed with your words. At that situation,just believe on ourselves and do kind with others.

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4 months ago

Yeah you're absolutely correct

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4 months ago