"Exhale your past, inhale your future"

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Greetings Readers!!

There are some accidents in most people's live that break them. There are some moments in our lives that we don't want to miss but we try to forget them. We try to keep ourselves busy but still we don't forget our past. But we can't stay busy all the day. When we try to sleep, those moments are moving in front of us like a movie. We can't get our brains out of past phase. It often happens that when we are happy, we still remember our past and our happiness disappears in a seconds. And the fear of our past is so ingrained in us that we try to run away from it. In short

"The more we try to forget our past, the more we remember it"

We have to get out of these memories first. Only then will we move towards the future. Often we change with past Memories, what we were ten years ago, now our personality changes after this phase. We connect ourselves unnecessary with the past Memories. Then we are saddened automatically.

How we can get rid of this phase?

First of all, we have to think that it was past Memories not a present. Remembering past memories makes us very angry so, what we should do at this time, we should learn from these memories. Learning from the past is the best solution. We need to strengthen ourselves. We have to prepare ourselves for the future and not waste ourselves in past Memories. We have to try to ignore it whenever we remember the past. Simply take out your past Memories and think about how we live in the future.

Let me make it clear that here I'm talking about the memories that have broken us. And that is preventing us from moving towards the future.

How long will we Keep thinking?

How long will we Keep running of terrible Memories?

Now we have to get out of this. Half of our lives are gone man. Now is the time to move on, to do something. We need to improve the future. To stand on the the high place.

We also have the best memories in our lives. Why we don't think of the best memories? Think of good memories and find a purpose to be happy.

We have to accept our mistakes, a see ourselves in new version and let come the past Memories and just laugh on them. Because our past cannot define us. Change is sustained so, keep moving along with the flow of life. Allow ourselves to heal and out grow the person we were. Be positive in our life believe me half of our problems will be gone.

Get crazy to change the situation. The name of life is to move forward. If we make our today better, our tomorrow will be better by itself. Make your terrible past your power and do something in the future. Never underestimate the future with the overthinking of past memories.

Learn from the past and apply it in the future

Be relax and enjoy your present.

Hello Readers!!

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