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Ego is the biggest enemy...

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4 months ago

Greetings Guys!!

We met many people's in our life. Some people have the good nature and some people are very rude. Sometimes rudeness comes to the common man but it is not his nature. But sometimes we also meet those people, we don't feel comfortable talking to them. There is an ego in people who demean others with their words.

I personally met with these people. I don't know what such people think of themselves. They feel like there is no one in this world better than them. But these same people then face such difficulties that they need the help to others. Their ego makes them fall face down.

How do we know which people are egoistic?

I shared some facts of these people.

Firstly, such people always remember small mistakes, repetitions and take revenge when the time comes. At time, such people pretend to forget۔ But these people do not forget things quickly until they get revenge for it. In this whole process, they do not even care about their happiness.

Secondly, these people like to compliment themselves. As soon as they get a chance, they tell people indirectly that we help others. And by saying all this they get the attention of others.

Thirdly, these people do not admit their mistake. Even the fault is their own, these people still try to admit that others are wrong. These people do not even apologize for their mistake. Even these people blame their mistakes on circumstances or on other people.

Fourthly, these people prefer to be jealous and separate from others. Such people do not tolerate the praise of others. And they stay away from people who are more important than them.

Fifthly, these people are happy to disrespect others. They do not seem to be happy in front of others. But the fact is that they are happy to look down on others. And such people want no one to overtake them.

And Last is, these people consider others inferior. These people put themselves at a very high level. They believe that there is no one better than us.

Why do these people do that?

The reason for bringing such egoistic people into this condition is often the parents. Because their parents defend their every small and big mistake. They don't realize or scolded them that they are wrong. They just praise them. By this these people become egoistic or selfish.

May be, the other reason is that ,Some people break their hurts and become them egoistic.

Sometime after the separation of parents, these people like this. Or when the one of the parents dies, these people become egoistic towards the origin of the relative.

Concluding thoughts:

Ego is not the good thing. They just kill Our happiness because ego is big enemy. Just try to enjoy with yourself. Forgive people and move on. Believe me when we forgive people we find peace. Learn to live with ourselves. That the best way to enjoy your life.

When you find egoistic mind people, be confident when facing them. And tells them your self-respect is most important thing. Don't expect anything from these people. Just help those who want to be ego free.

I hope you like to read this article. By the way, after reading this, do you think that you are egoistic or not.


It's written by myself, and yes its 97% unique.

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Stay safe, stay happy. Have a blessed day guys :)


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Written by   37
4 months ago
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