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Boredom is the first step towards new thinking!!

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4 months ago

Greetings and salutations!!

I hope guys you all are fine and enjoying your day with prosperity.

In today's age, mobile is highly preferred to relieve boredom. If we are bored, we mostly look at social media or different movies. And if we see small children who are of learning age, when they cry or to relieve their boredom, we put mobile phones in their hands.

Have any of us ever noticed that we are limiting children's ability to think?

A little child cries or if the child tells his parents that he is bored, then the first thought is to get the mobile in the mind of his parents to relieve the boredom. Because today's parents have started to consider mobile as the only means to relieve boredom.

Is being bored a bad thing?

Why do we misunderstand boredom?

We misunderstand boredom, while being bored sometimes gives rise to thoughts that hardly ever cross our minds.

Boredom's main purpose is to stimulate new thinking. If your child is getting bored, instead of making him to pick up the mobile phone, stimulate his inner talent. That talent can be a drawing, art, cricket, football etc. A toddler has many options to relieve his boredom. Just ask them what they want to do, trust me they will start telling you a lot of activities.

Let me tell you!! why parents give their children cell phones?

Because they make it easy for themselves. They think that if the mobile is in the hands of the children, then they will be able to do their household chores or office work easily. Parents have only made their work easier and children's difficult by making children hold mobiles. Parents do not give time to children to think about activities.

Believe me, If you compare the child who uses mobile more and the child who participates in more activities, there will be a world of difference in the thinking of these two children.

I am not saying that mobile should not be used at all. Rather, I am saying that along with using mobile, children should be given different activities. Parents should never let children hold mobile phones for their own convenience.

That's it!!

I hope what I am trying to convey has reached you. Thank you for your precious time. Have a good day ahead.

All images including lead image is taken from unsplash and also lead image editing by me.

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Written by   84
4 months ago
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The way parenting is going on the wrong side, parents now keep their children in home mostly busy in school then tution, then Mobile phones. There's no promotion of outside activities or play which are making kids weak nowadays. The best growth starter for a kid is when he/she is involved physically.

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4 months ago

Indeed!! Parents should make a time table for their children in which they have time for outside activities as well.

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4 months ago