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Being a single!!

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3 months ago

S= smart

I= independent

N= ???

G= gleaming

L= less stress

E= expert advicer

If you are married, do you miss single life? And if you remember, what memories do you remember?

I remember when I was younger, people older than me were getting married and now I'm older, people younger than me are getting married (hehe how bad luck I'm) . I think I will die single. It is said that the marriage sweet is a sweet that even those who don't eat it regret and those who eat it also regret it. But today single people have a lot of swag because they are legends.

Here I discuss Some swag of being single.....

Enough sleep:

Who says being single is bad? By being single, we can sleep comfortably. There is neither wife's tension nor girlfriend's tension. We go home and focus on just our sleep. Most of my friends who are married go home from work and take the piss out of their angry wives first. They says that their cycle starts with their wife and ends with them. Apart from this, the ability to think and understand anything else is lost. (Haha how poor they are..)

Less stress:

A single man's life has maximum tension of his job and if he gets a job, that tension cancels every tension. But married and Mingle people become weak under the tension of others. Married people are more stressed about their children's studies than themselves. They have the tension of good training. But a solo person is free from all such stress.

By the way, no girl has come in my life yet. But the day I get married all the freedom I am enjoying now will be gone. It is not that married life is not good, but in it, a person is not able to find time for himself. He lives in the struggle to please others. Make sure to take time for yourself after marriage so that you don't neglect yourself.

By the way, I couldn't remember any word from (N) in the word "single". If you have it in your mind, tell me.

And enjoy a solo life. ....Because these days will not come later.

That's it!!

It's all about for today. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Have a good day ahead.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me.

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Written by   84
3 months ago
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