What makes a person beautiful? What is true love? And, how to find God? ♥️

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What makes a person beautiful in my books. It is not about appearance. Sure appearance can attract you to a certain person and the fascination of how they look can last for some time. But, only for some time. Eventually it will fade the same way you buy a new car and it creates excitement for few months and then it just becomes another car. Sooner then later you will searching again for a new love or a new car.

But, do you know what lasts forever? The way that person treats you as a human being. The softness, kindness, and love in their hearts. And, most importantly the way how that person makes you feel. That lasts FOREVER. And, if you fall in love in the kindness of their hearts and the beauty of their mind it will last forever.

Even when you grow old and you wrinkle up you will ALWAYS see the kindness, softness, and love in the person you fell in love. Because those are the things you can't see with your eyes but you can sure FEEL them.

🌀True Love Starts With YOU♥️

The relationships break apart today because people search for love with their eyes instead of with their hearts and souls. They break apart because people truly don't love themselves and they think someone else can give them that love. But, the truth is, the ONLY who can give you LOVE is YOU. People can help no doubt,but until you start loving and accepting every bit of yourself it will be hard to find true love. LOVE EVERY INCH OF YOURSELF FIRST MY FRIENDS. ♥️

Once you start truly and deeply start loving yourself first then you can love and share that love with someone else special. Start by being compassionate, kind, supporting, and loving to yourself first.

🌀How to find God? 🙏

The same goes when you try to search for God in material things and something outside you instead of INSIDE YOU. You will only find true love when you listen to your soul and you will only find God when you start the search deep inside you.

Because you soul is part of him and you are never divided from him. And, he is waiting for us all to start calling. We all posses a direct line to him and it is CALLED OUR SOUL. You don't need anyone to speak to him. But the "dialing" has to come form deep inside you. It has to come from your SOUL and it has to be PURE.

When you find him inside you, then and only then you will see him and love everywhere around you. In every little thing you will feel his creation and you will feel his love, warm embrace, and protection. He gave us free will for a reason and we have to CHOOSE TO FIND HIM. You can make that CHOICE right NOW. Are you? ♥️

Thank you all for reading, have a blessed day,much love,

dbjegovic-awakentolife ♥️♥️♥️

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So the topic earlier became a great article .. Yeah , he's always waiting for us .. relationship to God is personal and no 3rd party too 😊 .. I really Love this one.

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2 years ago

Hehe well yes. Great conversation lead to a great article 🙂 And, yes, no 3rd party needed. You have a direct line if our intentions are pure ♥️

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