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🌀You Can Only Control Your Actions

There is one absolute truth in life and once we accept it our lives become 100% easier. That TRUTH is simple really but we tend to complicate it. The truth the only person and actions you can control are YOURS.

The rest is absolutely out of our control and any attempt to try and change others to see the world based on our perception is own huge waste of our energy. Does that mean we don't help others when they need help or advice? No, absolutely not. We are here to help each other, give advice, and help if a person ASKS for it? But, the key to helping is not expecting anything to change even if we think the advice we gave to a person is the best advice for the person in need of one.

🌀Do your "job" and leave the rest to the "man" upstairs

Our job is to give help, give advice, but the only one who can make a change is the person who you are giving advice too. Her is she is the only one who can take the information you gave them and put it to use and apply it their life. The key is not to be upset or mad if the person doesn't take your advice and use it. Help without expectations is the KEY.

Be always ready to help but don't expect anything to change. That is how you keep your own peace and your own serenity. In the end YOUR ACTIONS are all you can control. Leave the rest for the man upstairs. ♥️🙏

Thankyou all for reading, have a blessed day all,

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Welcome? For sure you will be more active than me 😜

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Hahaha well we shall see. Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe one day you will start writing yours. ♥️

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