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My Sketch Art

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3 months ago

Hello everyone.. Good afternoon.. How are you all? Hope all of you are well by the grace of Almighty god. I'm also well.

Today I'm comes to share with you about some of my sketch art work. Where i only use my pencil to do this work. You all are know that i love art. I love to do different different types off art work. It's also helps us to happy all time. It's can change your mentality. When you finished it then you can feel a another happiness which is unexplainable.

What is sketch art?

Sketch is a traditionally a rough drawing or painting. Where an artist notes down his preliminary ideas for a work that will eventually be realized with greater precision and detail. The term also applies to brief creative pieces that is depend on artist creative mind.

What are the types of sketching?

There are so many types of sketching like-

  • Elemental sketch drawing

  • Comprehensive sketch drawing

  • Dummy sketch drawing

  • Theoretical sketch drawing

  • Structural sketch drawing

  • Formal sketch drawing

  • Functional sketch drawing

Why is sketching important in art?

Sketching is a powerful process to use. Because it's also helps an artiest to discover the best idea and solution . This is why sketching is remain an important step in the design and development process. So It's play an Important role in our life.

Now let's start to see some of sketch my art work ....

Hope you all like this... If you like please do like comments and subscribe... Thank you everyone...

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Take love


Be safe

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Written by   218
3 months ago
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Wow nice. Cary on dear

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3 months ago