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Hello everyone.. How are you all? Hope all of you are well by the grace of Almighty god . I'm also well ..

Today i wanna share with you about our most common problem environment pollution. It's a very common problem for us. It's increase day by day. So now I'm trying to described this problem...

What is the environment?

All we see around us are the elements of environment. However air,water, soil are some of the important elements. But they are going to be a threat to our life because of pollution. We used all of this elements everyday every moments. So all of this elections are very important for us. But this pollution if we are not stopped we will loss everything ...

How is the elements getting polluted?

There are so many reason which because of this pollution.

  • Firstly the smoke of mills and factories are responsible for this air pollution.

  • Chemical fertilizer, insecticides,industrial waste,unsafe drain,unsanitary latrines are also responsible for water pollution.

  • Besides throwing waste here and there,cutting trees causes environment pollution.

  • Over population problem are also the main reason of it.

  • We also fire our wastage products in road which causes air pollution. Ect.

This all of this problem is increasing our pollution day by day.

What are the bad impact of environment pollution?

There are many bad impact of environment pollution..

  • Environment pollution increase the temperature of the earth

  • That causes green house effect. This effect is increase day by day. Thats why season are changed their natural beauty.

  • Ecological imbalance is another problem of it.

  • It causes natural digester every year.

  • Air and water pollution spoiled our fresh nature and sparid various diseases.

  • It's makes our life unhealthy and boring.

How can we remove this problem?

There are so many way to remove this problem.

  • At first our government should come forward to solve this problem. We must save our environment for a healthy life.

  • Mills and factories should not throw chemical and wast into the water.

  • Water vehicles should not dump oil,food waste and human wastes into the water.

  • We should not buipd unsanitary latrines into the river side.

  • We have to plant more tree for save environment.

  • Public awareness should be crested.mass media can help to increase public awareness.

  • Now is the best time to rase a slogan "save the environment, save the life".

  • Actually our united and sincere step can solve the problem.

If we follow this step properly then we can solve this problem as soon as possible.

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