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How Is Helping Global BCH Adoption ?

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We all are facing the same issue whether you live in Africa, America, Asia or anywhere on the planet earth, can you guess the issue ? Yup, you guessed correctly, Corona virus !! But that subject is out of my reach so I'm talking about the corruption in our governments and administrations. Some countable illiterates (I mean it !!) are making decisions, laws and policies which directly affects millions of lives including you and me. The solution for corruption and to minimize the effect of those worst policies cryptocurrency and blockchain are the solutions. And to take us that decentralised society where every voice has it's own power and rights, to make it happen we've to make crypto globally adoptive. So with that same vision a group of genius people with tremendous humanity are running a project which is helping crypto specifically BCH & BTC globally adoptive and that project is

In this article we'll explore some awesome features about, their vision and a twist !!

What Is ?

The is a platform which allows you to name your discount while shopping on Amazon, that's great, isn't it? The vision of the project is to make crypto useful, make their usages in our normal life and stop looking at cryptocurriencies just as an investment option & start to look at it as a currency which can be traded for goods.

Currency : Bitcoin & BitcoinCash

Started : 2014

Lightening fast savings

Under this section you get 5% discount on your Amazon shopping. You can expect the fastest order and delivery time as possible. The itself handles the orders and other details.

Name your discount

If you're not happy with 5% discount and want to customise the discount then you can do it here !! Yes, you choose how much you want to save. But since the orders under this section are fulfilled by the earners - individuals who are wishing to exchange their Amazon gift cards with cryptocurriencies. For this kinda of orders you've to wait for little longer as it completely depends on the uncertain entity, which is a third party service provider.

Earn With

Done with shopping ? Well it's probably time to earn some Bitcoins or BCHs, you can also do that with If you've some unused Amazon gift card and want to exchange it for BitcoinCash then you've to go and complete the available orders under 'earn' section, fill all the information appropriately and boom, you got your BitcoinCash at the best price.

Confused ? Checkout this support article by


Few months earlier, the company announced that there are going to close the company & return the capital to their investors. The decision wasn't taken due the financial reasons like running out of money or going bankruptcy but was driven by the thought that there's nothing to do further ! As lots of institutional and individuals are holding their Bitcoins & BCHs into their wallets without using it as a regular currency. The company quotes :

"Bitcoin doesn’t need further development or use cases if it’s just for institutional HODLers."

As soon as they announced this closing decision to the world, numerous people around the world were writing them 'not to close' as many of them written that they would not survive without as they're un-banked. Others told how they survived because of when Venezuelan chain supply collapsed.

Soon after getting so much messages, the team realised that even if the whales and the institutional entities are HOLDing Bitcoins & BCHs, there's still a vibrant community that depends on using Bitcoin & BCHs as a real currency. The company quotes :

We finally realized HODLers on Twitter were too wealthy to care about saving 15%+ on Amazon.

After getting so much of affection and love from the users, the company finally decided that they aren't closing, they're going to stay here & explore their vision !!

Final words from CEO Andrew Lee at

Instead of closing Purse or selling the marketplace, we came up with an exciting roadmap doubling down on our commitment to serve our customers. Purse is here to stay.

So readers, this is the motivational story of, to know more about the project or trying it out visit their official website :

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That's good they are accepting Cryptocurrency while shopping. Hopefully in here too.

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wow really? 🥰 but I'm saving😅

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Nice article

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Thanks 🙏

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