Air Pollution

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The thermal power stations significantly escalate air pollution by releasing enormous of fly ash, carbon compound, and SO2. The population explosion has expanded the reins of Indian cities. Vehicles on the road release gases and dangerous fumes by carelessly burning petroleum and others fossil fuels.

The biggest threat of air pollution is undoubtedly global warming and climate change. With every passing day the rise in temperature is drying up water resources.

Air pollution is causing numerous respiratory disorder such as pneumonia, throat, nose and lungs irritations and asthma. People living in poor sanitation are subjected to harmful gases.

Our future generations have a birth right to breathe clean air. India is at the brink of witnessing a national catastrophe if immediate measures are not taken to condemn Air Pollution. Awareness on this grave topic must be created on a large scale so that our daily practices are not contributing to these problems. All Indians must pledge and take concrete steps to eliminate air pollution

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The issue with it is that there's no law which kicks against it...

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