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Be a Blessing

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2 years ago

Hello! Welcome to this world of Be a Blessing to everyone.

You can pour out whatever problems that you're undergoing now.

Once you're a member in this team, you will be responsible to share advises to someone who has suffering some depressions , failures and broken hearted individuals.

Be a blessing to some people is just a sort of achievement that we can be proud of in such a way that we enlighten some minds and emotions to be more stronger in their time of despair.

You can talk in whatever languages that you will be comfortable once you can like to translate it if someone will ask to discuss further your hidden thoughts and emotions.

In this community we can offer some words of wisdom in such a way that we can guide some people to lead their paths in arriving with good decisions in life. We are very particular to have bonding time in ways of written communication that will create camaraderie in this team.

Whoever can decide to be a part in this organization, feel free to know each other by a self -introduction and would be open for friendship. Please fill out the following kinship form:

Screen name: ____________________


Job/ Position:_____________________



Problem to Share:___________________

Please comment and tell more about yourself.......Feel Free to cast out your doubts, failures and conflicts......

In this section you can be accepted whatever mode you have either you're stress, disgusted, agony, griefs, anger, hatred and others........

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