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I am running out of ideas

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3 days ago

So hello everyone !

I am so sorry I've been inactive lately here on read cash because of some reasons:

-I've been very busy

-I've been looking for clients to commission me (sadly I don't have clients yet :( )

-And I am also running out of ideas to publish here on read cash :(

I know everyone experience this too, but I will never leave read cash, When I have great ideas I will still keep posting articles one by one :)

And also I am sad that my two sponsors left me :(

I also observe that I don't have much earnings lately here on read cash.

I hope you can also help me to find clients , I am looking for clients to commission me on my graphic designs, I can design logo, posters, certificates, business cards, thumbnails, designs for your business, commission sheets for artists and many more ! I really need funds right now to pay our rent and our bills :(

I advice also everyone if you are running out of ideas, don't give up, keep reading and writing ! :)

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