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Confession of a spammer

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2 years ago

Why do I spam is it because I enjoy it . The answer I do but I feel a little dirty. I spam because i am Addicted to the reward they offer and seeing my number go up . I spam because I love the product and want to share something I am into . I spam because I see results and it a simple gratification.

So I know it ruin a community and I am aware of it but I try to spam meaningful original that give my honest opinion and results.

I spam Because it taste so good grilled with Eggs and toast .

I have this Article all so post on .

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If you spam, you will be blocked by the users and you will earn nothing or very little. has a personalized conversion system. Spammers get very little or no satoshis for their points.

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2 years ago

I don't think you understand the consequences here. Spam is when you send unrelated comments to articles and when you post nonsense articles in a large number. IF you're saying that you post a meaningful reply or post meaningful articles even in large number, i don't think that's spam. You cannot call yourself a spammer if that's what you're doing. And being a spammer is not something to be proud of even when you think you have the nicest reason.

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2 years ago

That is something you need to work on and get out of. Spam doesn’t help anyone and you will end up paying for it somehow eventually.

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2 years ago