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As the morning fell and the afternoon approached I began to think of many things. Things that came and went randomly in my thoughts, just like the cars that drove past the house, weird cars, random cars, broken down cars, new cars, used cars, forgotten cars, so came my thoughts and ideas, new ideas, old ideas, forgotten ideas, used ideas, crazy ideas, rusty ideas..

I asked myself many times, "Where do so many ideas come from?". But I didn't get any answer, my inner self and my brain couldn't process the question and send an answer? An answer was what I needed, a good answer straight to my lips that would tell me how to solve what is going on, an idea and an answer that would be as good as the hot coffee I am drinking, a warm idea, a sweet idea and that would help me to solve the things that have no answer or that I don't know their solution.

But in this sea of ideas where I am submerged and almost drowning another doubt arises..

"Will any of these ideas work?".

I really don't know, I have tried so many ideas, without getting a good answer, I have worked so hard for my future and my future has fallen apart, so I don't know what to come up with and I don't know if any of the old ideas will work, I don't know if any of the good ideas will find the light on the way and shine, that would be really fantastic..

An idea or an answer within my thoughts that can illuminate the darkness around me, that can help me and enlighten me and show me that it's not all trouble around me.

An idea, a light or an answer that can help me to emerge again, I think that's what I need, but I can't find that idea in this immense sea that I have inside. A sea that I cannot empty, but I want to try to take out a part of the plug that exists and that contains the ideas, to be able to take them out and try one by one which one is better or which one will work better.

I need ideas and answers to questions that are there, but that I still do not know how to ask myself or I do not know how to solve them, questions that I have tried to solve with old ideas and old answers, but they do not fit, the gears are not the same, it is not the right key, but I have searched among so many keys with ideas that I am really tired to keep looking for the idea or the answer to solve this question that is so complex, sometimes I think that I do not know how to decipher the question, maybe there is a puzzle to solve within the same question and I have not realized it, maybe that is why I do not find the answer to the question, maybe I have to re-structure the question to solve it, but...

How can I solve something that I really don't know if it is wrong?

It is a whole labyrinth full of words and complex ideas, maybe the least expected idea is the right answer, or maybe the idea that I think is right is actually wrong because the question is badly structured. Maybe everything is a code or a coded language that I have to decipher, but I still can't find where to start? And how do I start if I don't know this weird language?

So, what do I do?

First I would have to learn the language of the code in which the question is structured, so maybe I can figure out what is wrong with the structure and come up with the right question, if the question was really badly structured and after that I have to dive back into the sea of ideas and answers to see if any of these fit with the new question and if not, I will have to look in the drawer where I keep the other ideas locked up, ideas so hidden inside so many keys that I have already forgotten how they got there, maybe some of those keys half ideas fit with the question and give a solution to my problem, but if that does not work I will have to look under the mattress of madness, where I keep the craziest ideas that I do not know if it is a good idea that others know and if it turns out that none of these gives the solution to the question, maybe the question is still wrong and therefore can not solve it, and if so what do I have to do?

Do I have to keep looking for ideas that fit the question? O

Do I have to keep structuring the question until it fits with some idea?

Hello dear friends of read.cash, how have you been? Sorry for my absence, I am still moving and I am so stressed with everything that is happening that I have not been able to be here and I have no internet where I am moving or in the previous house, but they are some difficulties of life that I will solve later, meanwhile, what did you think of my article? I haven't really had time or good ideas for articles due to so much stress, but this one came to me today and I wanted to share it with you.

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It's like opening a can of worms. When you ask a question, a whole set of new questions will pop up.

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