Importance of keeping beaches clean

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Hello my dear friend at, I have had good days and bad days like everyone, I have also been very busy, so I can't promise that I will always be here, only when I have free time, I have been very busy, but I have been in good health and I hope you are in good health too.

On to today's article which is from the cleaning day on Wednesday, May 11. Oh, if you don't know what I'm talking about you can read my previous posts... It all started on "Different Sunday" and "Art with recycled material."

In short my boyfriend and his classmates are doing a project that has to do with art, but they have to involve the community of the place where they are working. The main idea is to create different instruments and works of art with recycled material, especially in the plastic arts part, it is also important to talk about taking care of the environment and keeping the beaches clean.

The first activity that took place in this project was on Sunday, May 1st, but the first activity that was done with the community was on Wednesday, May 11th, where we went to the community in the afternoon, to share with them and explain what we were going to do, to tell the community our vision of this project and what was being proposed.

By studying in an art university, any project we do has to be linked to this, so we also have to give some "classes" about our knowledge in the artistic area.

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The first activity of this great project was the cleaning of the beach near the community. On the beach we found a lot of garbage and trash such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, balloons, plastic cups, straws, aluminum wrappers, cookie or snack wrappers, etc., and all these kinds of things harm the environment, harm the animals that are in the sea and the animals that are on land, any bird, pelican, fish, crab that tries to consume any of these products, gets stuck in any of them or gets hurt with these wastes is dangerous.

We gathered several people from the community, in this first meeting there were 10 people from the community, first we gave a talk about what we were going to do on the beach and we distributed the bags that were going to be used for the collection of recycling material or waste that was found in the sand or in the sea.

Then we started to walk all along the beach going through all the possible places where we could find garbage, we walked a lot and we were around 20 or 25 people counting the people from the community that were joining us, our colleagues and some relatives of our colleagues.

This first activity was to raise awareness that all the garbage we throw out of a dumpster can reach the beaches, which are the homes of other animals. The plastic arts people separated the garbage from other things we collected that will be used to create different types of art in this great project.

At the end of all this collection we had a snack that the people of the community managed to gather to share, after a great day of work, this activity lasted approximately 4 hours, since we walked a lot through all the parts of the beach that we could walk, the beach was full of garbage everywhere you could see.

After all this hard work, the beach and the sand were clean. Friends, it is important to always keep clean the spaces that nature offers us, because around us there is life, every place is a home for an animal, so we must take care of our environment.

We really hoped very much that those 10 people would continue with us in the next day of the project, but unfortunately it was not so, I will tell you later, this is all my article for today, I hope you liked my article my great friend from

Note: I'm not in any photo because I was the photographer hahaha

See you in the next article!

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Greetings from Venezuela!

Wednesday, May 25

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It's important for us to keep the beach clean, because we know that around the beach there are living creatures that also need to be cleaned, if we damage or pollute our habitat, we make the animal out of its habitat and that can be dangerous for our safety.

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That's right my friend, we affect and put at risk the lives of other beings and we put ourselves at risk, that's why it is important to always take care of the space where we are, especially if it is a place that nature is giving us.

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