Honest and Dishonest People

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There are many types of people, honest people, dishonest people, good, bad, tall, short, extroverted, introverted, rebellious, conservative, cunning, etc, etc, etc.

Among that bunch of people, I want to talk about those honest people and those dishonest people, and about something that happened to me yesterday and today...

Friday, February 18

To begin with... What do we know as honesty?

Honesty is that which "goes hand in hand" with sincerity. It is a personal attribute like decency and dignity, it is also a really important value. To be honest is not to make a bad intention in front of other people, that is, not to take advantage of another person's weaknesses. I will explain later what I mean by this...

Do we know what "Values" are?

From school we are taught what values are, how to put them into practice and what their importance is, our parents also teach us this, but... Do we always put values into practice? Do we really give them the importance they deserve? I think not, we do not always put values into practice, and what we do not practice or what we have not learned well, we forget, so we forget to be good, to be honest if we do not put it into practice or if we are surrounded by a negative environment.

Maybe in school you were bored talking about values and their importance, or maybe not, but we should not leave this learning only at school, because this is taught for our daily life, to be better every day and to live in harmony with other people, now imagine that values did not exist, everything would be chaos, right?

Going back to the topic of values, values are those principles that allow us to guide our behavior, understanding how values work help us to be better people, since they are a basis for living in community and relate better with our environment, as they allow us to regulate our behavior for the welfare.

Among the values we have honesty, which I think is a fundamental value since honesty determines that we have a reliable and correct behavior.

Why have I decided to talk about honest and dishonest people?

Well... In all our life we are never %100 sincere, we are not always honest, maybe we say "some white lie" or we take advantage of others, this is really serious, because we can take advantage of the weakness of another person, example, I know music so I can easily give a class, but maybe I have a student who wants to learn to play the drums, but I do not know how to play the drums, what can I do?

If I am an honest person I will recommend him some friend or drum teacher that I know and I know he is good at his job, if I am dishonest and I need the money, I will tell them that I know the basics of drums, even though I know nothing, so somehow with some video I will see the basics of drums to teach someone who does not know and so I will have money, but this money is dishonest money, because I do not know how to play drums and maybe I know many people who do a good job giving drum lessons and they also need the money.

We are not always honest, maybe we do this because of what I said in the previous example, maybe we do it because we need something from a person and we take advantage of the fact that this person does not know anything about it.

What brought me to this discussion?

As you know, Luis, my couple, has a motorcycle, he recently had an accident, but thank God he is fine, the motorcycle did not suffer any damage, only paint. But like all vehicles, you have to do a checkup from time to time, change the oil, change the belts, see if something is loose, that is, you have to take it to an expert to check that everything is correct.

Yesterday we went to the mechanic to check the motorcycle, because we felt that the rear wheel jumps a little, the revision is $5, it's ok, we paid for the revision, the work to be done is apart... The mechanic only moved the rear rubber and said "the rim is bent, you have to put a new rubber and a new rim", in total would be more than $130 that we do not have, but before making the decision, the mechanic left the store and still had not finished the revision.

The mechanic just turned the wheel with his hand and said that, it's ok, we trust him he is the expert, but he had not finished the revision, he also had to check the belt of the motorcycle to know if it was time to change it. We talked to the person who charges and we explained and he said ok, he was going to give us an invoice and to go the next day to continue with the revision.

We left there a little confused, because the rubber of the motorcycle is new and the mechanic said it was already damaged, even though we do not use the bike much, we paid and they did not do much, they just left us with doubts, Luis thinks that maybe it is the shocks that are bad, the rim if it looks a little bent, but the mechanic did not check further.

When we left there and on the way to go home, we saw another motorcycle mechanic, we stopped there and told him the same as the previous mechanic, this mechanic was really nice to us and did not charge us for checking the motorcycle, the first thing he told us was that there were some parts of the bike that were assembled wrong, that this has to be fixed, we have to disassemble it and place it well, and to know if the rim and the rubber were bad, first you have to disassemble the complete rubber and check it, that you can not give a diagnosis with the rubber on the motorcycle, but that if the rim looked a little bent, but that it was not so serious as to make the motorcycle jump in the back, that you have to check it, that for everything including maintenance it would be $15, without charging the review because it is free. This kind mechanic convinced us more, since we had previously gone to the other one and he did not tell us that there were parts that were badly assembled.

When we got home we talked a lot about the two mechanics, the one who was good and the one who was bad. I talked a lot with Luis and we remembered the first time the first mechanic took care of us, that he added dirty water where the coolant goes and we had brought our own coolant, we also remembered that he asked us to pay him directly and not the cashier, who is the one who gets paid.

I remember that he also told us that we should change the belt immediately because it was already worn out, but the belt was new and he wanted to sell us one that was there and told us "this batch of belts arrived some time ago, all the belts I put from this batch broke in my hands, but for sure this one that is left will not break on your motorcycle", the belt was much thinner and not original, so we decided not to put it on, but to look elsewhere, the mechanic told us that in a month the belt was going to break because it was worn out and it has been more than 5 months and the belt is still intact, because we really do not use the motorcycle much, so the belt has not been worn out. He just wanted to sell us a belt that they had for some time and that was not working.

I also commented to Luis, that when he was paying a stranger approached our motorcycle and the mechanic, this stranger started to hit our motorcycle, asking how much a motorcycle like that was worth, that really upset me a lot, because we didn't hit our stuff, so I approached and told the person to please not hit the motorcycle and he said "I didn't touch the motorcycle, I didn't touch the motorcycle, you are crazy" and he saw the mechanic and said "I didn't touch the motorcycle, did I? That girl is crazy" That really made me very upset, because I was in front of him when that man was hitting our motorcycle, it was the only motorcycle in the shop. This happened yesterday...

So I told Luis that I didn't want to go to that place again, I don't like strangers hitting our stuff, but since they didn't do the complete overhaul we had to go again today... Bad idea.

When we arrived at the place today, the mechanic took care of us a little well and did the revision of what was missing, which was the belt, he told us that it was in good condition and that it was not necessary to change it... I don't understand! Five months ago he told us that it was in bad condition and we should change it, that it would break in a month and tried to sell us another belt.

When we were leaving the place, he told us that we had to pay, but we had already paid yesterday and he did not finish the revision, so he became very insistent and violent, so we had to pay again the revision which was $5 more, that is to say, we spent $10 in that place, to be told things without solution, because Luis asked him if he could fix the rim there and the mechanic said "no, I do not know how to do that, you have to go to a rubber shop".... The other thing he said was "yesterday you paid me for an overhaul because you have to pay me even if I only got my hands dirty, it doesn't matter that I didn't do anything, if I left, I left, today is another day".

Note: I fully understand that each person's time and work is worth, but he didn't really finish his work and we still pay

So... Was the mechanic really sincere? We left there very upset because the motorcycle continued with the problem it had and we spent $10 that we could have spent on something else like food, so they didn't give us any solution, because from what we talked to Luis' brother in law (who was a car mechanic), the rim has a solution, too bad that after leaving the shop we saw him and talked to him, we would have used that money in another place where they would fix the rim.

Now... Why didn't we go to the kind mechanic's place?

Well ... So our weakness is that we do not know much about mechanics, Luis is very investigative, and realized that there is a person on the internet who talks about how to fix the bike like the one Luis has and it comes out that the alleged mechanisms that our motorcycle has badly assembled, also the motorcycle in the video "has it badly assembled", and not only that motorcycle, we talked to several acquaintances who have similar motorcycles and it turns out that they also have their motorcycle assembled like that and it has not caused them any problems.

So we stopped trusting that nice person immediately, we really don't know if he was honest or not, but we don't want to take any more risks, our motorcycle is still bad, but as soon as we can we will lower the rubber between Luis and me, something that is really complex and we will go to a nearby rubber shop to get the rim fixed, I just hope it won't be so expensive.

I really don't know who to trust, we are surrounded by many honest people and other dishonest ones, but how to know that they are lying to you if I know nothing about mechanics? Oh, something that the motorcycle started to do today after leaving the mechanic was that it started to get very hot, we do not understand why, it felt like my foot was burning, this did not happen before going to the mechanic, we will not know what he did or damaged, now I really do not want to go to that place, the worst of all is that it is the official place of the Empire where I live, we went there because they recommended it, our motorcycle is an Empire Keeway Outlook and it is supposed that in that place are the experts in that type of motorcycles.

I am really very sad and very upset about what has happened to us, why are there so many people so dishonest in their work? I understand that they need the money, we all need money to be able to buy food, pay debts, buy medicine, go to the doctor, etc, but we cannot get money by being dishonest, it is wrong, we went to two mechanics the same day and they both told us different things, one checked the motorcycle and the other really didn't, one we paid twice and the other didn't ask for money because the work was not done.... I'm a little frustrated and disappointed, I hope that the next place we can go they will be really honest with us and tell us how to fix the problem with the motorcycle and if the belt is really ok or it's time to change it....

I would like the world to be full of more honest and dedicated people... So tell me my dear reader, do you consider yourself an honest or dishonest person?

Thank you for reaching the end of my article and sorry for writing so much, but I didn't want to do two articles on this. I hope you liked it and have a great day, please always be good to everyone around you, don't be dishonest or a liar.

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It is not easy to find an honest mechanic, there are very few left. I learned to do many things precisely because of people's dishonesty, when I hired someone to do a job, they always did it wrong. So I had to finish it, after having badly spent the money.

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1 year ago

The problem is that we don't have the necessary tools to fix things ourselves.

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1 year ago

I admit that I do white lies but these lies are not that serious though still a lie. I do not want to backfire on the things I lied about. Lying is a big sin if it involves serious things.

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1 year ago

Pious lies are normal, the lies that are really wrong are the ones that come with a bad intention. The lies of mechanics can even cause an accident.

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1 year ago

hi there, on my opinion that mechanic is trying to cheat on you, his thinking of his personal agenda for his well-being. he lies to you for his personal gains it doesn't matter to him what your reaction would be or maybe he badly needed money.

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1 year ago

We all need money, whether it is urgent or not, but it is sad to know that we can't trust some people to whom we will give a benefit that we have worked hard to have.

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1 year ago

maybe that's what really he is, he likes to cheat people to acquire easy money. yes true it's very sad that their are some people who are like that

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1 year ago

People can be unnecessarily dishonest like that and it's quite sad considering a satisfied customer is a retained customer, but these kind of people always think in the short run

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1 year ago

It is quite sad that they are dishonest in order to have money, but it is what you say, they don't retain the client, because they know there will always be another new client who will give them money. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it's dishonest money.

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1 year ago