Title: Creole harp, cuatro, maracas and drums.

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Technique: Mixed: oil pastel, pastel chalk and acrylic on cardboard.

Size: 28 x 21,5 cms.

Year: 2018.

Author: @artemacarre


White opaline cardboard.

Pastel chalk sticks.

Pastel Oil Pastel sticks.

White acrylic.

Brush 0

Graphite pencil.


Typical Musical Instruments of Venezuela


It is one of the main instruments that define Venezuelan music. Its origin is derived from the Spanish guitar, and because it is a chordophone instrument, it is formed by a resonance box which amplifies the sound of the strings, which are made of materials such as silk, vegetable fibers, guts, etc.

It is called Cuatro because of the number of strings it has and there are many variants of it, such as the four and a half, the five, the five and a half, the six and the eighth.


It is derived from the Celtic harp and is composed of three parts: a resonance box, a column and a console, the number of strings is variable (between 30 and 37) as well as the size of the box and the material used for the manufacture of the strings.

Its classification is given according to the region of the country, and can be: tuyera harp, central harp and llanera harp.


They are rattles made with the fruit of the dry taparo, which is an ornamental tree. It has a spherical shape and when it is clean inside, seeds of various kinds (corn, small stones, seeds) are introduced. The maracas have a wooden handle each, which allows them to be shaken and produce the typical sound.

These are used in pairs and together with the harp and the cuatro, it is one of the most popular instruments in Venezuela, they are used for gaitas, parrandas and many times they are part of the costumes of some of the most important dance groups in the country.


They are inherited from the African culture and most of the Venezuelan drums are used in traditions of ritual character such as the festivities in honor of San Benito, San Juan Bautista, San Antonio or in the wakes of Cruz de Mayo.

In the Barlovento area the drums are very popular and in most of the coastal areas of the country, you can appreciate at almost any time of the year their performance of drumming and dancing in squares and seafronts, for the amusement of visitors.

I share with you my humble opinion as an educator:

Education is an essential tool with which we can teach and give to understand the true value and meaning of our roots.

If we fail as human beings to understand the importance of music as a medium that interacts with our lives, socially, politically and culturally, we will never be able to achieve that longed-for state of harmony in the society in which we live and coexist.

I believe that until we educate our children from our homes and schools, love for traditions and love for values, we will not achieve good and permanent results in the formation of good citizens for the future of nations.

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So interesting art! Thank you for getting to know the musical culture of Venezuela)))

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Thank you!!

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