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Colorful wife

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2 years ago

# Episode_1

- I never imagined that I would have to marry my own student Maya!

Mom and Dad forcibly got married to Maya who is studying in class nine!

The girl I have been teaching for the last two years, I have given affection and affection as a student. That girl has to be seen today as her own wife. I will not obey. I will never obey.

I am standing in front of the living room. Today I got married to Maya. Maya is sitting in the living room pretending to be my wife. Then my mother came ..

- What are you doing standing here?

The mother-in-law is waiting inside.

--Mom, you ended my life!

Did I have to marry my last student? It would have been better if you had killed me!

- We haven't finished your life. We've arranged it. If you feel bad about it. What more can you say?

- Mom, it's called tidying up life?

- Akash, I am your mother. I will never want your bad. Yes, if you married another girl, you could accept. But Maya is a very good girl. So I married her. She will keep you very happy!

--Mom, listening to you, it seems that you are a selfish mother! Put yourself out of my place. Then you will understand how confusing the situation I am.

- Why don't you think me selfish and whatever you think. One time you will tell me yourself that mother you have chosen the best partner for me.

- I will never say that.

- It will be seen in time. What is inside now is waiting for the mother-in-law.

- He pushed me into the living room.

I feel like a prisoner.

I entered the living room and saw Maya sitting quietly. She had a long veil on her head. She wanted to go and put some on it. Why did she marry me? That will not get married. Extreme anger is on top of the girl. I also controlled the anger and went to bed. I was very upset all day. I need to rest a little. I went to bed just then Maya shouted!

--Sir, what are you doing?

- What are you doing? I came to sleep.

--Sir, are you ashamed to say nothing?

He has married his own student. Secondly, he has decided to sleep in the same bed again. What is your purpose?

- Is this Maya saying all the opposite, yes?

Did I marry you or not? My mother and father forced you to marry me. What else did you say?

About sleeping in the same bed. I should tell you that. You are saying it as if the bed is yours?

- The bed may not be mine, but when you see a girl sitting on the bed. How do you come to sleep in the same bed after that? Do you have nothing to say at least common sense?

- Maya, keep your mouth shut!

Don't forget I'm your sir.

- I'm talking with my mouth closed. And sir, whatever happens, I will tell the truth.

You had a bad eye on me long ago! So you married me. So you can make my body your own.

--He could not keep himself down after hearing all this from Maya's mouth. I put one on Maya's cheek with a thump! What did you say to this girl?

I have had a bad eye on you for a long time? Your courage is not low! What excuse are you talking about so much? I read in class nine that you are that girl. If I had this look, I wouldn't have married a baby girl like you. No matter how many pairs my mother and father made.

- So you used to do that. Why did you ruin my life?

Maya cried after being slapped!

- Look, Maya, I'm talking like last time. I didn't ruin your life. On the contrary, my mother and father ruined my life. I can't believe that I got married to you.

- Anyway, you got married. What will happen to my Tishan now. I promised him. I will never let go of his hand.

--Which Tishan? Tishan of our school?

- Yes, I have been in a relationship with him for five months.

I have cheated him and now I have written my name in the book of the cheater! It is all the fault of my mother and father. They forced me to marry you.

- There is nothing to be so hyper. Mom, Dad just forced marriage. Besides, nothing happened.

And I have no intention of ruining your life. If you want, I can match you with Tishan.

- Really sir will you match me with Tishan?

- Yes, it is true, but it will take six months.

Because this divorce does not happen after marriage. It takes some time.

- Six months! What if you do something wrong with me before that?

- Maya, you threw some bad comments on me again. I asked for six months for divorce. But now I will give you a condition. If you accept that, I will divorce you.

--I know you want to do something bad to me!

- Nothing like that. You put the blame on me. You have to pick it up.

- I'm looking at Sir with surprised eyes!

I thought the man was bad! But now I am confused as to whether the man is good or bad.

- What don't you do?

- Yes sir.


- I went to the sofa with a pillow. Because I don't want to sleep on the bed anymore. Maybe the devil will fill my head when I lie on the bed. Then I can't control myself.

Lying on the sofa, I am tapping the phone with my hand.

Because the mind is not good. I turn around a little from Facebook. Maybe the pain of the mind will be alleviated a little. As soon as I entered Facebook, messages started coming incessantly. So many messages, the whole phone is hanging. Who is giving so many messages today? I checked the messenger The Congress is reporting. I picked up some messages and checked. Sir, may your married life be happy. Friend Sajjad also wrote. Dude, kill the cat well. Good luck to you. Increased. How many are having fun with me! I'm dying in my own para. They have killed the cat. How many khaistara group. I came out of Facebook in anger. I fell asleep leaving the phone.

I woke up in the morning at the call of my mother.

--Open the sky door.

- Yes, mother is coming. I got up from bed and saw that Maya was still asleep. I got up and opened the door.

- Take this, Punjabi and sari.

You will read the Punjabi. And the two will come down after reading the sari to Maya Mamani. The people below are waiting to see the new wife.

- Well. I took the Punjabi and the sari from my mother's hand and put it on the dressing table.

Then I went to be fresh. When I came fresh I saw Maya still asleep. I called Maya.

Get up this Maya. Get fresh soon. People have come downstairs to see you.

Maya got up quickly and went to the washroom.

- I am sitting on the sofa reading Punjabi.

Hey, I forgot to introduce myself to you. Let's introduce myself.

(I am Akash Mahmud. I have joined a private school as a teacher after finishing my studies. Although my father has a lot. I don't need to teach. Still I wanted to do something on my own. So I chose the teaching profession. And about Maya.) You know a lot. If you stay with the rest of the story, you will know everything. Now let's go back to the story)

Maya has come out fresh.

- Take this, take off the sari.

--I can't wear a sari.

- Okay, read as much as you can. I will fix the rest. Maya sari has fallen somehow.

- Sir, I have read the sari somehow. But I can't give the kuntita. Okay, wait, I'm fixing it.

I am fixing the ruffles of Maya's sari. Letting the ruffles be fixed, let no one in Maya's house know that I will divorce you after six months. And stay in touch with everyone till then.

--Okay, but six months. Remember but sir. I won't be with you for more than a minute of six months.

--Okay ...

Then I went downstairs with Maya.

Many people came home to see the new wife.

A lot of time passed there. When the people left, I went to my room. Maya stayed downstairs. Maybe she was chatting with my mother. My body was soaked with sweat for so long. I had to take a bath again. I went to the washroom with the towel. .

I put some water on my clothes and put it on my clothes again. I started pouring water on my body by twisting the towel. I forgot to close the door of the washroom in the crowd of everything. I know from where Maya came in and rushed into the washroom. .

Maya saw me in this condition inside the washroom, screamed with her hands over her eyes!

- I still don't notice that the towel has fallen from my body. What are you doing Maya?

What will people say when they hear it?

--Hey sir, let me see your people.

You fix your Amazon jungle money first. The whole jungle of the Amazon jungle is visible.

--Listen to Maya and look at her body,

The towel has been removed from my body and is lying down! My eyes have become as big as two round potatoes looking at my own body! I started to be afraid of myself when I saw myself! Has Allah kept all the plants in me! I quickly picked up the towel and covered the Amazon forest. Maya ran away from the washroom .....

Okay ...?

Forgive the mistakes.

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Written by   126
2 years ago
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Very nice story... Keep it up...

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2 years ago

Good writing carry on

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2 years ago

ami amon post age dekhi ni.. wife ayr color hoi amar Jana silo nah.. akhn ami jar wife hobo tar jonno ki color wife janar akta iccha hoilo... thnx

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Nice story..

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2 years ago

বউ আবার রঙ্গিন হয় কেমনে? রঙিন খুব ভালো না।

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2 years ago

Amazing article about colorful wife..

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2 years ago

It's just a fantastic Article. mind blowing

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2 years ago