Is Covid-19 Really That Worst? Is the Government Telling the Truth?

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It has been two years since covid-19 emerged out of nowhere, and now it doesn't seem to show slowing down. Every day it always pops up in the news headlines like a time bomb. The death tolls are surprisingly increasing despite the strict protocols and massive lockdowns all over the world. There are lots of people getting tired of the lockdown which caused them huge loss of their livelihood sources, even with emotional and physical health. The government doesn't seem to show effectiveness in its campaign against the virus. Which practically is reflecting on the daily case recording. This is where the addition of confusion and suspicions arise.

The Lockdown is more Deadly than the virus.

It is obvious to say that more People are arguing their rights in the pandemic protocols, as it prevents them the right to move unrestricted. The face mask and social distancing caused them an injustice and feeling deprived of liberty. Social media platforms are exploded with negative comments about the government's response to the pandemic. What seems to be appearing is the government is terrorizing its people by the means of heightened health protocols. Despite the strict rules and people into quarantine the virus still does not slow down. What is adding the doubts of the people about covid-19 is the lack of transparency and accuracy of people being confined of the disease.

Immunization Program and People's Trust.

Before the arrival of vaccines, it is apparent that a huge percentage of 90% covid cases are asymptomatic, and some 9.4% symptomatic are cured without the indication of the vaccine. Which may seem to signify the virus severity in most cases. Mainstream media and government agencies have been accused of overspreading fear to the people with exaggerated statistics of the virus. These events are adding a burden to all the people, government, and its significant efforts.

Despite the doubts and uncertainty of the people about vaccines, it is a good development that more and more people are slowly recognizing the vaccine. It cannot be denied that people are normally cautious of their bodies, and any medical indication should come with a proper and formal diagnosis. The uncertainty of people about the vaccine's effectiveness and safeness is quite challenging due to its current status in the clinical trial stage. Therefore it should be the government's strategic approach and implementation to get the people's trust.

Imposed and Compulsory Vaccination

When it comes to imposing compulsory vaccination People are divided. Many are strongly disapproved and dismayed of the government's implication about imposed vaccination. Being against the people's right it also could result in social discrimination and various violation of human rights. It also concerns people of young ages and the comorbidities sector. Further from that, the vaccine status is still under the clinical trial period. Therefore it may not be a good time to enforce the program to the people.


The government's responsibility and mission are to prevent the general population. People within the community are also obliged to submit to their government, especially when it comes to hard times. The herd immunity of the virus can be attained by the cooperation of both the people and the government. Violation of any rights is never a solution to the pandemic, it will just cause massive opposition and violent reaction of any individual.

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