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Girl from broken family..

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4 weeks ago

A girl describing her story with tears:

My mother is crying! Meanwhile, I am sitting by the window in peace, listening to music with earphones ringing in my ears. Neighbours are knocking on the door! I was forced to get up! A situation that will break down the door. As soon as they opened the door, they rushed in. Dad saw them enter and left the house.

Mom is still crying. I went to my room again, locked the door and sat by the window. Maybe you think I dislike my mother or I'm not their daughter. Not so! I am their daughter and I feel bad when my mother cries. Sounds too bad! But I don't think about it anymore.

It's been 2 months since I was 19. I don't remember the last time my parents had time to talk to me on my birthday. Up to 2 years after my birth, I feel that I have received the affection of my parents. I have grown up a lot myself. What do you think my parents are employees! Not at all! Father is unemployed and mother is a housewife. Still, our family is doing very well. I never knew how it went. Once I wanted to know, when I saw no response, I didn't want to know anymore.

After my birth, my grandparents abandoned my father. So I'm not so close to Archie's father. However, he never disagreed with his responsibilities. But Dad never sat down to eat with me. One day I sat down to eat, my father looked at my face and said "Unlucky" and left the rice on the plate. My mother slapped me on the cheek and said, "Don't let the man eat in peace, you don't have rice today." I really didn't have a bruise on my forehead that day. But I blame myself for it. What was needed was to sit down to eat with Dad.

Father's son was very fond of grandparents! Meanwhile, the mother has no chance to conceive. Grandparents told me about my father's second marriage but my father did not agree to leave my mother. Maybe that's why their love marriage looked at their mother's face and didn't agree and that's why they had to give up.

I have been watching my parents quarrel since I was 7 or 8 years old. They don't have time to look at me while arguing. Mother didn't pay much attention to me. Hundreds of people he loves are angry with me. I remember the day I went to school, the only day my mother went to school with me. Dad never took me anywhere. I used to see my father often when he went to Dhaka and he would bring a lot of toys but it was for his sister's son. My father never bought me a doll. There was a boy named Piyash in the house next to ours. He and I were in the same class in the same school! I used to go to school with him. When I was 12 years old, I found out that my father wanted to remarry because he had a baby in his lover's womb. There was a quarrel over this issue then.

One day my parents raised their hands in the village with this issue. Then I barely returned from school. The door was open, my father saw me and turned to his mother and said, "I have put two "unlucky person" in the house!"

After my father left, my mother grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and held me tight. Saying "unlucky's caste. All the problems in my family are for you! It has been burning since birth! Why are you not dead?

I had to stay out all night that day. Mother did not give food. Then when I set foot in the house of 14 I learned to understand the curse. I'm unlucky! I don't really have anyone. I began to suffer from loneliness. The age was emotional. If someone showed a little love, I would believe him. I made a big mistake like this. I got involved in a dirty game called love with Piyas.

Piyas was 1 year older than me. At first he loved me very much. But I never understood whether it was love or emotion. But I accept it as love because it was these passions or loves that kept me in my loneliness. I could have forgotten the misfortune. I learned to love myself. I learned to take care of myself. Suddenly one day Piyash came and said he will go to Rangpur with his parents. I was crying that day holding him very tight!

He asked me to meet him in the morning on the day he left. I wrote a 16-page letter and took it to give him! I wrote the letter with a lot of love, passion and tears. The writings were crammed into my feelings. I knew I would be lonely again when Piyas left, but I did not realize that Piyas would leave death for me. I got up in the morning, put on my most beautiful clothes, took off my hair and left the house. My parents saw me going but they did not ask any questions. Didn't have time to fight. I also have a lot of benefits. As I walked along the isle of the fence, I saw Piyash standing in front of a mancha house. I went to him and handed him the letter on my own. Piyash twisted the letter in his fist and pushed me into the room! I was raped! To your passion, to your love, to the whole world! When I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital. Mother is sitting next to me. I was happy to see my first mother cry for me that day. I said to myself, "Even if it's a thousand, it's my mother's mind!" Two bags of blood were given to me!

I held my mother's hand and cried that day, "Daddy didn't come, did he? I'm really unlucky! Your honor has been reduced to dust! Don't stay here. Don't worry about me, what will happen if there is more? I'll die! Don't stay here, mother!" Mother did not listen. Brought me home. I tried to commit suicide twice after coming home. I didn't think for the 3rd time because I am the mother now. When my father was arguing with my mother.

But when I found out I had the B virus in my blood, I didn't kill it. After a while it turned into cancer. Now I'm with something to live with😰😰😰

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Written by   238
4 weeks ago
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Ohho!! So sad story I never heard before. But I hope it's just a story you written because after reading this story I can't hold my tears 😭😭😭

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4 weeks ago

Nice post dear😊

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4 weeks ago