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My love story

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1 year ago

Read till end♥️

I am very handsome🥴.So i have lots of friends(girls) but there’s soo much girls who loves me. But i never wanted to be in a relationship because i don't want any relation stress.

But then one-day a girl came in front of me and started starring at me i said what? She said nothing, i said then why are you looking at me like that? She said i love u soo soo much.l didn’t expect that. It happend soo randomly. I said i don’t even know you. She said after knowing me will be mine? I said, wait let's be friends, leave all this love and be mine talks. She said yeah please be my best friend.

Then we started to walk and talk and spend lots of time together and then i started to feel her feelings she really loves me. She always agree with me never let me feel that am alone and takes a good care of me then i said love you all of a sudden she was shocked and looked at me and said you are joking right? I said noo i really love you then she almost cried and said i love you sooo much.

Guys that was my imagination soo🐸 nothing was true hope you guys love reading this😂.

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