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I killed the dreams, l had about by one

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2 years ago

The dream has come down to almost zero,

I folded my arms a long time ago,

I have also erased the memories.

Just can't forget you

This is the biggest failure of my whole life.

I have long cherished your opposite character,

I've made thousands of attempts to create hatred,

But love seems to be growing at a much higher rate.

I understand your maya, the careless pull towards you,

Totally engulfed me.

I am becoming mentally deranged.

You have unconditional love-

However, there is not the slightest desire to make you your own,

Still, I am walking on that path.

I still can't forget you-

I can't save myself from your Maya Karal Grass,

What is the responsibility of this failure is only mine!

Or do you have something?


--Arman khan--

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2 years ago