What could be our World be looks like if our Intelligence are Equal

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Have you ever imagined about equality in terms of intelligence? Did you ever reflect on yourself about what if all students in a class graduates with flying colors and their grades are almost equal? What if no students fail their subjects? What if all of us had acquire equal intelligence? Will our world be exactly the same as we know it today? This article aims to explain the world provided that all people has the same capabilities.

4 years ago, I was in my last year in junior high school. That time I was academically active in fact I've even reach the 2nd place in honor roll and for me it is just a matter of applying what I've learn from my past lessons and mixed it with the new one to make new knowledge, that's the secret of maintaining your good performance in school. Well I don't know what the others do to maintain their academic status.

however we think of it, we can't deny that there are others who seems to have some struggles in their studies and if you're gonna ask me way back then I could probably say that it was their choice and it's only their laziness that drives them not to push themselves to study well but that's not always the case. Maybe they really don't get the lessons at first, maybe they didn't really understand the lessons or their capabilities of absorbing ideas and logic are simply slow.

It just so happened that my ability to comprehend new ideas and knowledge are fast as compared to others but it doesn't mean that I don't need to push through after all if you don't sharpen a knife it will not be pointed and sharp enough to cut a piece of meat isn't it?

Now imagine our world with all of the students equal in intelligence then imagine they made it until the end of their college. Let's say all of the students around the world graduated with flying colors they become engineer, doctors, architect and so on, now where in the world will the engineers get construction workers to build our houses and office buildings if all of us are all professionals? Where in the world will we get a farmer, a fisherman which will provide us food if all of us are highly graduated as professionals?

Where will we get man power that will run a factory which will supply the community with clothes, canned goods, processed meat and other things which are essential to our daily lives? More importantly where in the universe will we find front liners in a crisis like COVID 19.

Furthermore how will the professionals earn their money worth for their service of knowledge if no one will execute their plans below them. In short if no one in the world escape their studies, cut their classes for bar hopping and video gaming, or totally did not attend school because they cant afford it then human civilization is doom. On the brighter side we become highly educated, all of us but the bad effects are highly devastating thus we professionals will not just become poor but doomed.

However it is still the best of course to finish our studies because it is the only key to success and it is way better and easier to find a job if you have a degree or a certificate that will certify you academically. But then again it is essential to appreciate the others who cannot make it to the top because without them our community and economy will be at greater risk.

Note; this article is opinionated!

Note 2.0: This article is not proofreaded!

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