Succubus- Eddie's untold battle against the demon

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Have you ever experience the terror and horrific demon attack? Or at least think of it as if what shall a person can do to fight back when a devil attacks you specially at night when you are alone and you're at the middle of your dreamland.

This is a real life story of Eddie a man that travels in to the other world during his childhood and gain an extra ordinary ability that a normal person do not possess.

*For those who want to know the story of his visit to the other world please feel free to read " A Visit to the Other World".

Upon acquiring a new ability or the unexpected opening of his third eye, Eddie can now see what others cannot, feel the presence of unknown entity, smell the out of this world odor of the dead, hear the whispers and cries of the unguided souls and able to see a glimpse of what happened from a persons past and future life experiences.

As he grow older, the power within him grow even bigger. He never told anyone about his extraordinary ability, keeping it as a secret until 2017. However the power is strong enough to overwhelmed his humanity and if he doesn't learn how to control and use it properly, the demons will devour his human body and soul and drag him at the bottom of hell where everyone suffers and beg for an ending cycle of their eternal sufferings.

On the later quarter of 2017, month of November at its 28th day, Eddie turned 18, his age is matured enough to hone his ability but he doesn't know how yet. At this point in time his brave enough to stand firm and fight for his fears, he started to talk to the dead, entertain the souls who ask for his help so that they can make peace and within the process of discovering the extent of his power, he learned a lot thus his five normal senses grew even far more sensitive than normal.

He made lots of human friends to balance his life and of course to avoid conflict against the two world where he can travel back and fort. He manage to keep this way of life of him but as what others says, " there is only one absolute thing in this world, and that is change" and so the following year, 2018, he was in his grade 12 senior high school then. His secret were starting to show a glimpse of its existence thus the rumors of his ability to see ghost as they called it, spread quickly across the four corners of the campus.

It's true that he can see and talk to those entity inside the school but he never had the guts to intervene with their business to humans because he knew that those things were meant to happen and that is the way it supposed to be. One day, Eddie and his friends talks about the other world and asked him to pinpoint the exact location of the portal he talks about then he pinpointed the portal and describe what it is looks like and what creatures are present there, his classmates just shut their mouth up and listen, no words has been released out of their mouth after he describe everything he saw but then he knew that most of them still doubted him for they cannot see and feel what Eddie is talking about. Several months has passed and no one has talks about the other world but their silence were meant to broke the next month.

It was the middle of the 1st semester of the year when a new teacher has arrived, at first the newly introduced teacher looks like a normal person but that was just his outside personality built by him to conceal his ability which greatly resembles Eddie's power. At his first glance to the man, Eddie already knew how open his new teacher's third eye. The first day of his introduction to the class, was likely to happen but what is unlikely was the next thing the teacher said. " My third eye is open" the exact word came out from the mouth of his teacher.

Then his classmates dare the new teacher to pinpoint where the ghost frequently stay, the next thing happened was surprisingly unreal for Eddie's classmates because the teacher pinpointed the very same location where Eddie told them the ghost were staying. Thus his classmates suddenly takes a look at him wearing their surprised faces but the only answered they got from him is just a piece of fake smile.

After that event, his classmates and the rest of the students as well as the faculty members turned their mind into believing him but he always make a firm statement, " I am not a paranormal expert nor a healer though I can talk to the dead and make negotiation so that we can make sure that no casualties of both humans and them might occur."

Eddie became friends with his teacher, probably because of their common ability which is the reason why they understand each other specially when talking about the dead, the demons and hell as well as the angels. His teacher taught him almost everything that he needs to learn about the other world but they both knew that even with their knowledge combined it's still lacking for them to fully understand those unreal entity. Eddie also knew that science will never understand all of their knowledge about the other world specially without having any solid evidence but their words, without mentioning how passionate he is when it comes to science in fact he also tried to find answers using science on his own for he can experience the supernatural power and he loves science at the same time however, Eddie doesn't have the answers up until now.

At his search for the answers he seek, he found emptiness and nothingness and so he decided to stop and try to change his life by controlling his power and hid it beneath his soul and never let it out. He made it so far but it doesn't mean that it will last for a life time. Upon his turning of mind, the unguided souls frequently asked him for help but he always says no or in some cases he act as if he heard nothing, he snobs all of their cries and call and so the time has passed and the souls has also stops disturbing him but his peace of mind did not last long.

December 28,2020 Eddie and his siblings packed their things and moved to another house where he together with his 3 siblings live together. At first the house was nice and okay but over the past few days the unrested souls and the horrific demons started to make a move in making his life a hell.

In the middle of the night, the ghost wanted to play with him, they are so naughty, they always run up and down stairs making loud noise and an irritating giggles, cries and whispers making it hard for him to sleep at night but Eddie still doesn't care about them and has manage to make a way of living with his naughty housemates for almost a month by means of listening to music every time he want to sleep.

He thought that the unrested souls will be gone and stop disturbing him soon, but that's where he was wrong, the soul stopped disturbing not because he doesn't care anymore but because a demon takes the place to play. This demon is incredibly strong , it's seductive woman figure can really caught a man's attention and never look back yet it will only happens if a man is way more weaker than this kind of demon. Eddie, having a strong personality and a powerful ability being sealed for almost 2 years has been attacked by a succubus demon.

A succubus is a kind of demon portraying a seductive woman figure to seduce a man in his dreams and devour it from there. If this demon succeed then it's victim will die without any trace of its cause, but science will only tell one explanation and that is death by nightmare.

Eddie suffers from the succubus wrath for almost 2 months now, the first attack was on January 15,2021, the demon appears in his dream portraying his best friend, seducing him and playing with him until the demon wants him to stay with her and be with her and that was a mistake of the succubus, for Eddie and his best friend was already part their ways long before she appears in his dream and so Eddie started to see the succubus true face and trust me it doesn't look good, it is way horrible than a rotten human flesh. In his success of bringing back his sanity, Eddie cast a strong prayer and make use of God's name to push the demon back to where it is belong.

After that attack Eddie became more careful to the fact that he doesn't want to sleep early for he doesn't wanna go back to that dream. As weeks passed, the demon never shown a hint of coming back, until the full moon of the month of February at exactly 12 midnight, it appears again and this time it's not in the dream, it touches his chest and move its hand down to his private part. Eddie is in complete consciousness of what is happening but he can't move even if he try and so anger rise inside of his heart and soul then he manage to speak and cast a prayer again, claiming that he is the son of God and by his name he command the demon to vanished and go back to hell and never comeback for its presence is unneeded in the world of the living then the succubus vanished and left him untouched.

Despite of what he experienced Eddie doesn't told anyone for he fears that no one will believe in his claims, that's why he fight each and every attack of the demon by his own, even his family doesn't have any idea about this.

The recent attack happened on March 8, 2021, it was the night that Eddie fell asleep without wearing his earphone thus no music at all. At 3 am the dogs barks very loudly as if someone is outside thus Eddie wakes up and his mind was already in full consciousness when the succubus showed up again but this time it wears not a woman faces but Eddie's very own appearance, the demon strangled him while forcing to rape him, Eddie fought back but the demon is strong and so it bites him right on his left shoulder near his neck, the demon seems no intention to let go of him but Eddie, just like the first and second attack , cast a prayer again then make use of the deliverance prayer and after that he cursed the demon not to return and if it did, the sufferings for the demon will be a million times harder.

Today, Eddie is in hi peace of mind but he knew that it will not be his last fight against evil and so he decided not to hid his ability again but it doesn't change the fact that he will not intervene in things which are supposed to happen.

That's all for the untold story of Eddie, and maybe you are wondering how I know this story, well I know it because I am Eddie and Eddie is me.

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