On my first day as an OJT in an accounting firm

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August 16, Tuesday. It was my first day as an on-the-job trainee in an accounting firm. I know this is supposed to be typical for all students taking bachelor's degrees who are required to undergo such training so as to qualify for graduation.

What is an OJT and what is its purpose?

according to vectorsolutions.com (2018), OJT is a time-tested job instruction together with the actual employee in the actual work site. This means OJT is a kind of training with an allotted time to finish. So, basically, its purpose is to let the student experience what it is like to work in the actual job area.

Back to the story

So, here's what happened yesterday on my first day in an accounting firm as a trainee. By the way, I have two more companions that were assigned in the same area where we work but I think that's just for the meantime as per the supervisor.

We start our day at 9 am and will finish at 5 pm, same as the schedule as the regular employees of the firm. As usual, the first day is composed of a little bit of introduction, and an explanation of what will going to happen during the whole OJT allotted hours which is 300 hrs, by the way.

After the short orientation, we were assigned to filing BIR tax forms which actually quite easy only that some codes are confusing but it is nice to have that as our first task anyway. It took the three of us the whole day to finish filing all documents due to crowded clients but so far, so good.

After filing we were called for another meeting to clear up some confusion and informed us what will it be like as an OJT in the firm and how they will manage us for the whole 300 hours of our training.

Soon we will experience hands-on what is it like to work inside an accounting firm because according to the owner of the firm, he will make sure that a rotation of the job so as to experience all the tasks from filing, settling obligations, auditing, and so on.

So, that's it for this article, stay tuned for the possible part two or three as updates about my experience as an OJT.

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