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I'm turning 23

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2 months ago

Hi guys, since I have nothing exciting to write about, I will just share about my upcoming birthday.

Yes, my birthday is coming near and to be honest, I have no plans at all. Well I'm already used to it since I don't usually celebrate it. You might be wondering why I'm kind of pessimistic when it comes to my own birth anniversary so I think I'll share them to you.

I was born 23 years ago in a simple village in region 5 of the Philippines. I was raised by my parents who's occupation is to cultivate farm lands as a way of living. Yes they are farmers which is, by the way, a great job. Since we are born in a poor family, we cannot afford any luxurious things or even a simple birthday celebration. Therefore, we are used not minding the day when we are supposed to remembering our birthdate, after all we have works to do because if we don't work or at least make our day productive, we won't just miss a birthday celebration but we will also lose a chance of earning money to buy foods for the day and for the next day.

Seems like a sorrowful childhood isn't it? However, we don't dislike and I don't feel shame of experiencing such a thing because that experience made me who I am today. Just Imagine, I was just a poor little boy who doesn't care about gadgets before, a boy who's happy and contented having a piece of wood as his toy, a boy who's enjoyment is fulfilled by having small stick and a plain land area where he can draw the anime he watched from a small tv screen of the his neighbor.

Now, that poor little boy with full of dreams is right here, writing and sending his experience to all of his readers. I'm turning 23 now, and yet every time this date pass by the only thing I wanted is to pray and have a calm and peace space alone, not because I hate my birthday but because I want to reminisce the old days of my0 life. these old memorable experiences is enough gift for me to celebrate my special day.

And with that, Happy Birthday to me and may God continue to Bless me and you as well.

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Written by   42
2 months ago
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