5 reasons why you won't become rich with Bitcoin.

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2 years ago

Reason 1: You're not a day-trader.

What are you saying that all the reddit posts/ guides/ articles I read online about day trading didn't make me a professional day trader?


Day-trading is a profession. It needs time, training, planning, and a lot of error. Usually it takes at least 2 years of pure failing for people to master it, and the crypto world is constantly changing, there's no golden pattern that can make you rich. Most likely you're not one of them. And if you were, you wouldn't be trying to become rich solely with bitcoin.

Reason 2: The guides/experts that you follow the advice of, are all sponsored by trading companies, that wish to make profit off the stupidity of impulsive morons like you.

Yes I know that it hurts your ego, I know that you devoted your money, time, and hopes on them. But anyone who claims that he is able to turn you rich with bitcoin/ or anything and doesn't bring you a valid reasoning based on scientific data, is a scammer. Maybe not legally, but still a scammer nonetheless.

Stop following the trading advice of sponsored leeches who wish to spread propaganda, they're not warren buffet, and they're not there to teach you, they are there to convince you to buy something that pays them, or something that they will profit from directly or indirectly.

They're not there to help you, they're not there to make you rich, they are there to make themselves rich.

Reason 3: All the reports of people who got rich through bitcoin, are either lies/propaganda, or people who bought bitcoin years ago and decided to sell now.

He did buy a lamborghini with bitcoin no doubt, but that lamborghini was most likely bought with the money they paid him to promote bitcoin.

You might find that unimaginable, but promotions pay a LOT. Don't feel captivated by the luxurious lifestyle all these stupid fucks promote, truly wealthy people don't flex fat stacks of paper, and real investors don't use impulse to convince you, they use logic and reason.

On top of that there's no evidence any of these people own any of those, or that the money they used to buy them were earned through their "holding and selling"

Reason 4: Bitcoin.org/ Bitcoin/ Bitcoin.core/ r/bitcoin/ Twitter bitcoin/ and everything else you found in google, are currently owned by professional manipulators.

Interested in knowing more? Read these articles:



If you think that they're interested in making you rich you probably overestimate their altruism. Snap out of your delusions and focus on reality, people who wish to help you. Don't lie to you and try to manipulate you.

Reason 5: You have absolutely no guarantee that the price of bitcoin will keep increasing.

"But but but but and this this this that and more miners and more hash rate and more but but but!"

But but but nothing, bitcoin has a fixed quantity, which means that even if it is profitable there's going to be an end to it. Accept reality and search for better investment plans, bitcoin is a HORRIBLE investment.

There was a huge crash in bitcoin, and many people went bankrupt because of it, I won't tell you what happened, do your own research, google it, see the dark side of it. Understand that anything that sounds too good to be true, usually isn't.

The bottom line of this article.

Investing must be done with realistic expectations in mind, fully aware about the risks included in it, and no matter how you try to phrase it, in the end it's a form of gambling. More professional and organized, but gambling nonetheless.

You might see articles in reddit/ forums/ youtube/ facebook/ twitter of people getting rich with bitcoin, and yes maybe 1% of them are true.

But if you're hoping on such low percentages, you might as well play lottery.

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2 years ago