The censorship and corruption of bitcoin core.

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Bitcoin/ bitcoin cash, and every other cryptocurrency. First of all has to fight for dominance of the market huge corporations/ banks/ industries, with the in-fighting between the real bitcoiners (bitcoin cash users) and the <<holders>> (current bitcoin users), we accomplish absolutely nothing but delaying the mass and inevitable adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin cash.

Fully aware about this, the operators of bitcoin.core have turned their own reddit sub into a place to brainwash newbies into buying bitcoin at its lowest price, while being hopeful or rather certain that the price will increase and make them rich.

In their arsenal they possess memes, articles that prove "bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies" and in their bitcoin.core they claim the following: Here is the site for reference

"No Voting

There's no voting or other corruptible process involved: there's just individual software following identical rules—"math"—to evaluate identical blocks and coming to identical conclusions about which block chain is valid."

This is obviously a big fat lie based on the fact that they freely ban whoever is going against their agenda, if you want a live reference just simply try to challenge their views openly in one of their forums, you will see it for yourself.


It is these users who keep Bitcoin decentralized. They individually run their own Bitcoin Core full nodes, and each of those full nodes separately follows the exact same rules to decide which block chain is valid."

Apparently they also claim that "bitcoin core full nodes keep bitcoin decentralized" however that's also far from the truth.

To understand how far and deep this story of fake decentralization from goes, and how much struggle goes through just so they get a tiny chance to provide the truth, you should firstly understand why bitcoin-cash was created.

Bitcoin Cash is the result of a Bitcoin hard fork occurring in August 2017. Bitcoin Cash was created to accommodate a larger block size compared to Bitcoin, allowing more transactions into a single block.

In layman terms, "allowing more transactions into a single block" implies that you pay lower fees, and the transactions are faster.

Which is actually what bitcoin was originally created for.

Now getting back to the claim of "decentralized and censor-free" bitcoin core/ bitcoin org.

Such claims are practically and technically jokes.

To recall what a loyal actual-bitcoiner told me when I was indiscriminately suspended from reddit twice after openly challenging the views of r/bitcoin (the sub reddit that bitcoin.core/" grabs victims from was the following:

Core's biggest fear is miners switching to BCH and never switching back.

In order for BTC to succeed with their chosen path as a Store of Value (SoV), it requires all things remain static/same, unchanged in any way. It also requires that all holders collectively hodl, or else shall we say the value leaks out of their SoV.

The reason why BTC detests any forks whatsoever, is that they are the most severe form of leakage: the miners. With BCH, miners have an alternative should the SoV thing not work out. Let's face it, a BTC Maxis' ideal is that there be no trades, which mean no fees, or simply lowest activity is ideal. When they achieve this state, then BTC miners aren't profitable.

In fact, the SoV miners' profit motives would have them throttle their hashing, slow the block discovery, restricting trx throughput, and driving the up fees. But until the miners form a better cartel, indy miners are apt to mine an alternative blockchain like BCH during bouts of high-difficulty and/or low-trxs. This "profit decision" is a devastating leak in the SoV economy.

Without the BCH blockchain, the SoV proponents (Core and Hodlers) have a lock on all mining output. Firstly, they have a vendor-lock on all BTC spending, as users can only transact their Bitcoin balances on the BTC blockchain. Secondly, they control the software that restricts the trade volume on the blockchain. And if BCH didn't exist, they would have a trifecta and control all miners (hardware) as the BTC blockchain would be their only real choice.

If miners aren't aware of this fact, the marketplace certainly is, and the miners will eventually discover it. The existence of the BCH blockchain gives miners leverage at the BTC political table. Without the existential threat of BCH, the software (Core) developers would return to threats of changing the mining algorithm should miners not comply with upgrades.

This is why soft-forks were Core's chosen tactic, as hard-forks would cede power to the miners, as miners could veto upgrades, effectively letting miners control the agenda. BCH (and other SHA-256 alts) give SHA-256 miners leverage and prevent Core developers from ever threatening to change the PoW or mining algorithm.

So this is Core's biggest fear; miners switching to BCH and never switching back. This is why they must scrub their sub of any mentions of alt coins and spread thick FUD. This is why they want to bury the white paper. At some point BCH will simultaneously garner some percentage of the cryptocurrency mindshare and mining hashrate, and no amount of BTC propaganda, censorship and FUD will prevent a landslide shift in the BTC-BCH balance.

The fight for miners is something they can't afford to lose, because the future of a cryptocurrency or a peer to peer cash system - or not (like their case) is based on the miners of a cryptocurrency and its users.

So at this point of time they're doing their very very best to make sure the worst scenario doesn't happen for them, which is in fact:

People learning the truth and supporting the system that benefits them the most.

To add a personal element in this whole ordeal, because every side can claim a perspective based on an ideology, or even a technical view, but sometimes people understand better than examples. So please allow me to provide you mine.

I am a senior software engineer, I mostly work backend, rarely do some web development.

I decided to assist the bitcoin/bitcoin cash community which allowed me and many of my coworkers to find and sustain jobs for a living (which I am still grateful for) through the opening of new jobs for developers/ engineers, and I created a bitcoin wallet.

The original plan was, to make that bitcoin wallet being usable everywhere, in every browser (Including tor), in phones, macs, androids. And take advantage of the lightingnetwork while also fixing its privacy issues one by one.

After that was finished, we would implant our own version of native manage currency, finishing a product that elevates bitcoin as a peer to peer cash system to what THEY PROMISED to be.

So I messaged a mod of r/bitcoin, provided him with the github code, shown him the model, business/promotion and so.

His immediate response was "This sounds very interesting, feel free to promote it as much as you want".

I was surprised, I thought to myself that all the claims of r/btc and bitcoin cashers were paranoid, lies, jokes, or exaggerated. "How could such a honest and direct moderator even provide such image, clearly rumors".

Then something truly magical happened.

We decided in Arcane Corporations, which is a team of senior developers that aims to change the cryptocurrency world towards a dreamlike- state (quite literally) that we can't code, promote, or ask from people to use a <<decentralized and free wallet>> without adding bitcoin cash to it.

And this is where the fun begins. For reference, read these two reddit posts.

This post is a reference about what transpired in r/bitcoin and my arguments/debates with its users, it was aiming to be as neutral and positive as possible.

As you can already imagine, it didn't go as planned.

I made this post after I had numerous technical and ideological discussions with moderators and members of r/bitcoin, and I also felt myself their influence on other sub reddits.

Bottom line, they couldn't care less about making bitcoin a truly decentralized peer to peer system, they don't care if people have to pay from 8 - 20 usd for one transaction, something that deems bitcoin completely useless practically.

And they certainly don't care about collaboration.

But that's not where the story it ends, it gets even more dramatic so grab your popcorn if you have any.

The account that made this post, was suspended immediately after the post received attention in reddit.

Which made me make another account so I can explain to people what happened and use myself as a prime example of corrupted behavior.

That account was banned too. Indiscriminately.

Why did all this drama happen, why did it start? Because i said that the wallet AC will provide, MUST have bitcoin cash.

I was called "shitty casher" witch hunted by trolls, harassed, attacked. And no I am not trying to play the victim card here, I am just providing a point of reference.

If I was attacked and censored like that, them how many attacks and censorship did the veterans of bitcoin cash and its developers tolerated?

You can imagine. But this isn't quite where the story ends.

Right now the respectful and honest moderators/ veterans of r/bitcoin are also planning to target other sub reddits to win over people on their ponzi scheme.

They also bring wonderful gifts with them and blesses, here are some of their most recent manipulation tactics:

You can find posts like this one everywhere there, someone, somewhere, using the mottos"HaVe FuN sTAyIng Poor" or "I WilL bUy A lamborghini" mass-brain wash people into buying and holding a cryptocurrency they in fact can't use.

Their claims get even wilder than that, with one of my favorite highlight being this one:

"Don't be the person who doesn't see the iceberg"

The irony here is golden, because apparently their "iceberg" is all everywhere in their sub. Would you like to be enlightened with the iceberg too? Well here you go.

You could say that their entire sub consists of 4 types of posts:

Post type 1: "You're very stupid, unreasonable, and blind if you don't BUY BTC NOW SO YOU CAN GET RICH TOMORROW"

Post type 2:"Bitcoin is going to drop/increase/ raise/ because my magic crystal ball said so".

Post type 3: "Bitcoin made me super duper rich so now I am flexing my fat stacks of paper enjoying the good life, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DO IT TOO"

Post type 4: "If anyone brings you technical details of other cryptos or arguments against bitcoin, tell him have fun staying poor"

So based on the gentlemen and operators of r/bitcoin, and of course the sustainers and bosses of bitcoin.core, bitcoin and bitcoin community respectively are two giant bubbles of dreams, satisfied desires, cash lovers, who're balling hard and make thick fat stacks of paper while the rest of us stare in awe with our "Shitcoins".

What to do now? What's the next move? How to put justice on this? Why? When? Should you?

Don't worry about any of those really, they're messing up their ponzi scheme so badly, more and more people like me show up to expose them and take a verbal shit on them for being desperate control freaks who need cash cows.

And to conclude this article. In order to avoid being hypocritical I won't tell you " USE BITCOIN CASH NOW".

Do your own research, educate yourself, use both, and decide.

That's all it takes.

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