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Share the Joy in the Year of the Tiger!

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5 months ago

It seems like at OKX they are pretty active these days and after rebranding from OKEx to OKX they just started a new promotion to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

The event allows new users to register to OKX and gain the following prizes:

  • 5 USDT (sign up, complete KYC lvl 1, click "register" on the promotion page and join the Official Telegram);

  • 10 USDT in rebate card (lucky draw with 10 winners);

  • $10 BTC (trade $100 in crypto) or 10 USDT (deposit $100 in crypto and KYC lvl 2).

For a total of $25 in prizes!

On the other hand, if you refer other users you get some prizes too!

  • 5 USDT (referral completes KYC lvl 2);

  • 10 USDT (for the top 10 referrers);

  • 15 USDT rebate card (first trade/deposit of your referral);

  • 30% of your referral trading fee (after 5 succesful referrals).


So, if you sign up, complete KYC lvl 1, click "register" on the promotion page and join the Official Telegram group you get $5 USDT for free and you become eligible to win a $10 USDT rebate card! Seems a pretty good deal :)

After that, if you want you can complete KYC lvl 2 and get $10 BTC/10 USDT rebate card if you trade/deposit at least $100 in crypto, rising your total prize up to $25!

The event will last from 4pm 20 January 2022 to 4pm 13 February 2022 (UTC): to be eligible for the prizes you must complete the sign up, submit your KYC lvl 1 and click "register" on the promotion page before the deadline expires!

After completing your entry for this promotion, if you want some more prizes, you can get more rewards in the "Reward" section, available only on the official app, where you can redeem for free 500 satoshi every week (assuming you open the reward section every day).

Good luck and enjoy your prizes :)

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5 months ago
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