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OKEx changing Name and Brand Identity: Welcome OKX!

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5 months ago

Exchanges are most probably the place where the majority of us, crypto-users, started his/her journey: for me, the first site where I started owning (even if someone could argue "*not your keys, not your money*") my little piece of this world was Coinbase, which got my attention due to its "Earn" program, which rewarded (and still rewards) users with some free cryptos just for answering some easy questions and seems like a no-brainer for people just starting with cryptocurrencies.

The next place I found, however, wasn't one maybe most would expect (Binance or Kucoin, for example), but one that I don't see mentioned so much: I'm talking about OKEx or, as it should be called now, OKX!

I found them thanks to their "Reward" program, which, at the time, gave 500 satoshi for free everyday and, for me, that was a nice addition to my little portfolio.

In the following months this reward decreased and now you can only get 500 satoshi per week... but still they are free, I'm already registered with them and, so, why not? It's still better than nothing!

Also, they offer all the major features you can find on other exchanges, like an "Earn" section where you can stake a lot of different cryptos to earn some nice interest and a "Jumpstart" program which resembles Binance's Launchpad: here you can stake your OKB (one of the two tokens of OKX) to earn different tokens with, usually, very high APY: but you have to be quick in staking your OKBs when the "Jumpstart" launches, as the subscription period is quite short (better setting an alarm!).

I know that they also run a referral program (currently with a bonus of $10 Bitcoin, but it changes often) and some promotions and giveaways on their twitter official account.

The last news about them I heard is that they are changing their name: from the old OKEx (where the "Ex" stood for "Exchange"), now they are becoming OKX, evolving according to the growth of the crypto/NFT market.

In the official announcement they said:

We began as an exchange and the “Ex” in our name represents the exchange we built. We want to venture with you into the possibilities that exist ahead of us.
Therefore we have decided to drop the E and dial up the X to better reflect our ambitions. We hope this change will help the journey each of you take through our platform, whether trading, staking or hopping between different chains.

Personally I liked the old name, but the new name seems nicier and feels a bit more modern.

The rebrand focuses also on the logo, which now looks like that:

For comparison, this was the old logo:

I'm not sure which one I prefer, but surely the new logo fits better with the new name.

While I think about which one I like the most, I'll wait for a new Jumpstart to start and I hope to get something interesting, as I always miss them!

If you'd like to join OKX you can register through my link.


Everything reflects my personal opinion and it is not intended to be financial advise in any way: always do your own research!

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5 months ago
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