My Splinterlands Earnings (Season 74 vs Season 75) #2

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In this report I compare my earning from season 75 with the one I got in the previous one, season 74: this way I can keep track of my account's growth and, at the same time, give new players an idea on how much they can expect to earn if they start playing Splinterlands.

Here you can find my last report (season 73 vs 74)


For reference, my Collection Power is 31705, my staked SPS are 427.237 and my DEC balance is 11504.

A season lasts for roughly 15 days and I play in Silver League.

Now, let's start!

Match Report



This season I played 395 matches, trying to maximise the new rewards system, which encourages players to play more.

As I had to often play Summoners which I don't like, I lost a good amount of matches: still, I was able to finish close to my target of 2000 rating points.

At an average of 1.20 minutes per match, this season I played for roughly 500 minutes in total, which leads to roughly 35 minutes of playtime per day.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards


Gold Foil Cards


Loot Chests


Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)


Total Ranked Play Rewards



In the previous season I got rewards worth 592 DEC (excluding potions):

  • 175 DEC from 26 cards

  • 150 DEC from chests

  • 267 DEC from 127 ranked wins

Increase in earnings: -30% (-177 DEC).

⭐ SPS Report



In the previous season I got 46.867 SPS.

Increase in earnings: stable

This is it for this season! Now let's give a look at how much I've earned since I started this series of posts.

Keep in mind that the value of the cards is generally higher than their "burn" value in DEC: that's why I won't put the equivalent of what I earned in USD, as this could be determined only after having sold those assets.



  • 670 DEC from 69 cards

  • 419 DEC from daily and season chests

  • 778 DEC from 511 ranked wins

  • 146.084 SPS



  • 223.33 DEC from 23 cards

  • 104.5 DEC from chests

  • 139.66 DEC from 152 ranked wins

  • 48.695 SPS

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my posts or if there's some data you would like to see in my reports, let me know in the comment!

Thanks to the users commenting on the previous post: now the report doesn't mix "," and "." for decimals and I added my average playtime per day!

 If you aren't registerd on Splinterlands, you can sign up through my link, thanks!

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