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Different types of students in classroom

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6 months ago

Hello to all my friends! How are you?I hope all of you will be okay.Today I want to discuss about different types of students in classroom.Every classroom has different kinds of students with different learning styles.

Who can be called a student?

A student is a person who learns (or is learning) one or more subjects, such as academic or vocational subjects. The term may also refer to a person who applies themselves in order to increase their knowledge of a particular subject, a student of philosophy, literature and mathematics, etc.

Types of students

There are following types of students in classroom

Hard working

Hard working type of students are those who spend their time on studying. They find knowledge as the key for success in their life and future.such students are the ones who sit in class, do their homework and take notes. . They are really good at whatever subject they study. They put a lot of effort into learning new things and getting better at something. It is important for them to get good grades because they value them so highly. They aren't afraid to ask for help when needed.

They are very detail in everything they do and make sure that every task will be done well as possible.


The overactive type of students are those who are generally enthusiastic and excited about their learning, but also concerning that they may be a little bit too energetic. They tend to make great collaborators, but can often miss the main point of lessons or topics because they were too distracted by other things.

Such type of students are mostly disruptive, noisy and unruly in class. They like to make noise, talk out of turn, run around the classroom and disturb others. Overactive students need constant reminders to remain focused or to sit down.

Teacher's pet

Teacher pets are students who are nice to their teachers because they crave the teacher's attention. They want the teacher to think they are doing a good job, so they try to impress their teachers and get themselves noticed. Teacher pets often do things the teachers tell them to do and seek praise or recognition from their teachers.

These students are overly eager and excited to please their teacher. These students do everything in their power to gain a teacher's approval and validation, including offering extra credit assignments, taking on more than one sub class assignment or just doing anything possible to impress.


Clueless type of students are the ones who are not aware about what’s happening in the class. They don’t take their learning seriously and when it comes to exams they become even more clueless.

These students are usually shy to ask question. They are afraid of being criticized by their classmates or teachers. They daydream and don't pay attention in class which make them avoid homework as well.


Nerd type students are students who are geniuses. They like studying more than anything else and they love to learn new things daily. They tend to be shy and quiet in the crowd but once they feel comfortable, they come out of their shell and become very talkative.

Such type of students also tend to love reading books, watching movies and music. They also want to get trained in studios like dance or acting so that they can entertain others as well.

Late comers

Late Comers are students who always come late to class. They do not know the time of the classes and schedule themselves in such a way that they have to rush to their classrooms at the last minute. Therefore, they miss important events of their classes which can make them fall behind in the long run.

Natural leader

Such students are those who have the innate ability to lead others by example. They’re confident and focused, nonconfrontational, and understand how to help their peers learn in a way that motivates them. Natural Leader Students are usually self-motivated, but they know when it’s time to ask for help.

Intellectual outsiders

These types of students have a different intellectual style. They may be conscientious, but not necessarily obedient. They may be very intelligent and have a lot of potential, but this potential is not being recognized because they don't fit in with the collective mainstream of a classroom or campus.

Closing thoughts

Every student is unique, and has his or her importance in the classroom. No one is big or small. Every student's voice matters. One of the main reasons to make a student feel important is by having him speak up, asking questions and speaking out loud so that he gets the feeling that his opinion is important.

So it is our responsibility as a teacher as well as students to create an environment where students can learn without any fear and pressure. Teachers must be very friendly and helpful to the students.

Thanks for reading my article🤗 and I hope you have enjoyed it.

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Written by   11
6 months ago
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I assume I'm a late comer and natural leader? I am constantly late for school, yet I am still able to do what I miss. I always missed my first period of class yet received high marks in that subject. I don't always ask for help, but when I know I won't be able to tackle the problem on my own, I seldom ask for it.

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6 months ago

You're very right You've mentioned all kinds of students here. I remember that I was one of the late comers😂😂. Though late coming is a bad habit I didn't realize it then until now. Also, I was intelligent even though I don't read much, I was very intelligent. Also, I disliked the teacher's pet because I feel like they are doing things to impress those teachers

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6 months ago

Late comers haha 😂I also dislike teacher pet student like you.

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6 months ago