Virginians: Consider Voting for Justin Fairfax Today!

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2 years ago

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has had his career pretty much completely destroyed by unsubstantiated accusations from two women who accuse him of sexually assaulting them 15-20 years ago. They never came forward until he was about to run for governor, and have presented no evidence. Fairfax called for an investigation into himself he was so confident there was no evidence, but neither of the women wanted to cooperate with it. However, his career has still been destroyed despite no evidence.

Many people have compared his career being destroyed with no evidence to how black men historically were lynched or run out of town in the South based on totally unsubstantiated claims that they were annoying white women.

Still, Fairfax is running for governor of Virginia today in the Democratic Primary. He is unlikely to win, but if you can, consider voting for him. I believe the better he does the more hope men fighting totally unsubstantiated claims have in the future.

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