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2 years ago

Recently there have been articles causing quite a stir here on the platform as they were reactions to other articles that were negative about

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Here are the links to them, so you can see what I'm talking about:

Somehow, though mentioned in passing in both those articles, there is an aspect that, for me, is the most powerful asset of this site and far understated in the articles or comments.

The quality of the community!

I've been around the block when it comes to blogging, writing articles, and publishing on the internet. I've got accounts on almost every site that allows writers or just people to post articles or other content, and actively tried to gain some fame on all of them. Unfortunately, I have stopped using almost all of those sites. From Steem to and from Medium to Wattpad, I've tried them all. And you know what? None can compare to!

"Yeah, you're just sucking up to get more money"

I can already hear comments incoming with that butt-hurt feeling behind it. But that's bullshit! In fact, if I only cared about views and subs, then I would actually not be posting on this platform. There are platforms where my posts get far more views and my sub counts are (much) higher. I can get a lot more engagement as well, and would probably be able to make money too if I made the effort to go through the process of becoming "Partner" or "Premium" on some platforms.

The same posts on get only 10 views, get thousands of views on publish0x

I literally tested, just out of curiosity, the difference between what is arguably the most like platform on the web Publish0x and this platform. I did that by taking articles I had posted here a while back and posting them, copy-paste style, on Publish0x. The results were surprising, and to be honest I had to think about it for a while. Because metrics told me I was on the wrong platform here.

Why am I still here, then?

Well, to understand that it would help to know about my situation in life and finance. Most of you reading this article probably have read my previous articles "My miserable life, a cautionary story" and "My views on marriage, and relationships forged from pain, tears and misery." but for those who haven't a really abbreviated summary: After years of struggling and rising debts I have been sentenced in debt help and I don't have control over my finances.

This has many bad consequences for sure, but it also has brought me something very valuable: PEACE!

The other platforms mostly require some or a lot of effort to get paid or to get your earnings into your hands in a spendable way. It's even rarer to find a platform that offers me the ability to get earnings in hand in a way that would go unnoticed by the agency that is in charge of my finances. And when they notice any money going into my hands, they're going to be knocking down my door for me to give it up to add to pay my debtors (which basically is the government). does offer me options to get what little my articles earn me into my hands without them noticing. Easy, simple, and private!

But that's not the biggest motivator for me.

And where most other platform communities are disruptive, in my experience,'s community is markedly different, for some reason, I cannot explain (yet)

What is the difference then?

Well, it's nice to see thousands of people had a look at something you created. That's what most writers write what they write for: To have it read by other people. But that is completely negated for me the moment I go and read the comments that are posted in reply to an article.

Don't get me wrong, I can take criticism. I have no problem with that. I get criticism in response to my articles here on this platform as well, and I welcome them. AND THAT'S WHERE THE DIFFERENCE HIDES!

On most if not all other platforms the responses, when negative, get toxic and hostile real quick. And that's stressful to me. Here, though, even critical and opposing comments and opinions are almost never toxic or hostile. I always feel they're constructive criticism and that when neither side of the issue agrees on an issue it ends with agreeing to disagree. Members of this community respect each other and everyone's freedom to have their own opinions and perspectives. The icing on the community's cake here on are of course the magnanimous people like @MarcDeMesel , @CryptoMax , @Pantera, and others like them who sponsor many other authors here and tip those they feel deserve it.

So that's why I have chosen to remain here on That's why, despite having the option to reach many more views and subs, I choose to keep my primary and mostly exclusive platform for what I write.

Thanks to my sponsors, and YOU (the reader) for reading this article and for being part of this wonderful community!


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2 years ago


That's to you too for giving us up to date articles. And as regards the uproar we have going on, on the platform, its one of the things that happens even in our day to day activity. A worker going against to boss and the likes...

Nice write-up!

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2 years ago