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2 years ago

*the voice of Ewan McGregor*

"Hello There"

I know, childish... But even though there's 20% of you that actually heard obi-wan Kenobi say "Hello there" which makes me smile way more than it should.

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Back again? Wait, was I away?

It's been a while since I've published an article here. Let me assure you that is unintended. The Universe happened and well, there are only 24 hours in each day.

(Can we slow the spin down a bit, just a little, to get 30 hours a day?)

Don't insult me by answering that please. ;-)

But, anywho,



(wow, that Star Wars reference keeps popping up from time to time...)

There have been a few things, however, for a couple of days, I somehow don't wanna talk.…type…about. Those things would be among others not necessarily in that order:

  • The weather

  • Refugees

  • Family

And while the first two are obvious I think I should expand a little on that last one.

You see our family when you go back far enough and then follow the other branches, is rather large in numbers. If I start from the farthest back I could get the branch has at least 200 members at this point.

I and my Son are a proud branch of our family, the last sapling branch going down from my great-great-great-great-grandfather through my dad, me, and ends (for now) with my son.

The number of family members we are in contact with, this little 2-person branch, is 0.

The number is ZERO

Now the active close family has never been that numerous. The reason for that isn't really important I guess but the largest gathering of a family I can remember can't have been more than 50. And that was a long time ago when I was like 11!

So for the largest part of my life, the word family came to mean: My grandma, grandpa, my mother, my 2 aunts, my two uncles, my niece, and my nephew. Those were the ones who, according to the definitions I was taught, were a real family and behaved that way. Always together at birthdays, sometimes during the holidays and later on we sometimes went on holiday together with our caravans in tow.

How? With literally more than 200 known family members (genealogy)?

Where the problem began I have no idea, I can remember visiting some of the "other" <familyname> members when I was between 10 and 16.

I guess that comfortable little group crumbled down somehow. An aunt got divorced, another aunt did the same, someone got married to someone the rest of the group didn't like all that much, someone else got himself into drugs and gabberhouse and was as good as shunned…..

Wonder who that last numbnuts was??

So, by 2020 the group actually in contact with each other was My two aunts, me and my son, my mother and one uncle. Of those, there were 4, my grandma, my mother, me, and my son that lived in the country for more than 5 months a year.

Then my mother died.

Half a year later my Grandma died.

Since the spreading of the ashes of my Grandma, neither I nor my son has heard anything from anyone even remotely related to us. Nothing. Not on birthdays, not on holidays, or even a pm on Fb or any other media.

So there.... that's why!

So that's why I don't want to talk…type…about family…

w8… *reads article above*…heh…guess I already didn't I.

So disregard everything above here! I have not written it, because I don't want to!!

*sticks out tongue*

So what am I going to write about? Well, that is a good question.

Let's see…I am going to check my browser tabs for a second. Maybe there's something in there to type about.

One tab is an article telling us that Ukraine has received fixed-wing fighters planes and loads of spare parts, and can now deploy more fighters than it did 2 weeks ago:

Another tab is the search result that resulted from the above-mentioned tab:

Then there is of course.

And lastly, there is the tab with my custom Startpage.

So not much help there I guess unless you think the subject of the first two tabs deserves to be addressed?


Well, that is kind of time right? Those fighters came from Poland or the Chech republic, I suspect, and their delivery (ie. being in Ukrainian hands) tells us something very interesting.

What does it tell us?

Well, can you remember that the US has blocked that transfer of fighter craft to Ukraine from NATO members because that was crossing the line and might lead Putin to escalate to nuclear war?

Biden (and other NATO members) have repeatedly said that fighters to Ukraine weren't going to happen.

It happened.

So nothing the US now or previously ruled out is ruled out anymore. Including actual direct military action against Russian(allied) forces. It was an untenable position for NATO anyway, giving artillery, anti-tank weapon systems, technology, and ammunition to Ukraine but still saying we had no direct involvement in the conflict.

So it's another level in the aggressive stance of the west, and one more motivator for Putin, or "VladVlad" as we call him, to keep fighting until he gets what he said he wanted to get.

In fact with the way the war in Ukraine is going for them SovNjets until now and the unlikelihood of Putin getting the Donbask under his control quickly, NATO crossing its red lines and delivering fighter planes to Ukraine could be the perfect opportunity to save face, shed some of the bad-guy karma off onto NATO and perhaps even gain some more respect and co-operation from their Chinese neighbors.

So considering that...

*Making calculations inside my head*

I predict Global Thermo-Nuclear World War to start on

December 22nd, 2022 at 03:22 PM CST,

(the timezone in which Olathe, Kanas USA is located.)

Beyond any reasonable doubt.

I could tell you the seconds by I don't think that it will matter very much an hour later. But there it is, the end of the world as we know it. And just trust me on this one, I am right about this!

Which is exactly what the others who came before me thought of their own predictions.

Every single person in the history of mankind that has ever uttered a prediction for the end of the world thought they were right and they were the last prophets of mankind.

Let's check this out, just for the fun of it. Let's do some numbers on it and see what we can come up with to check if there was any value in any of the predictions.


Let us see how many of them were right:


How many were a little bit right, say within a week of their predicted moment:


How many of the predictions were wrong, and very stupid words from stupid people?


So what do you think? Will I finally take that 100 off the board and make 99.999%?

Thanks for reading this

stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


el articulo me recuerda la trama de terminator y el juicio del día final, en estos tiempos de guerra de potencias mundiales, es normal pensar en una posible catástrofe, a esperar que pase lo mejor y el nazi de putin sea destruido y ucrania pueda volver a levantarse.

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2 years ago