just posting this disgusted with myself.

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2 years ago

I just did a stupic copy paste copy paste stupid whatever that ended up loosing met a story I had begun 24hrs ago and I only needed to publish, but its gone.

Never wrote anything as good as this was but its gone. 24hrs of my best work... gone.... Pfff...

So just to get any "recovered documents" from my readcash cache or whatever it was that f###### me over.... i am posting this unfinished article. Unfinished and unedited, and unchecked. I am so very very.... wow.... this is a blow I need to... in dunno...


And culture, society and humanity as a whole sucks ass compared to ours!

In fact except for some minor improvements the kids (yes, i so old i call people between 15- 30 kids) are far worse off than we were. But freedom, for me, is by far the most important subject where their lives have deteriorated compared to ours.

Do yourself a favor and have a look at what my sponsors have to offer. It's goooood!

"But the past is the worst" I hear everyone saying!

I heat that a lot too, and for most of history that turns out to have been the provable scientific fact. Kids have it better than their parents, because that is supposed to be the single underlying foundation under the development of Humankind, and it's success in (Hear Pinky and the Brain) "Take over the wooooooorld":

Everthing a parent does (if it has any business being a parent or a human or alive that is) whatever it does so the kid has a better life than the parent had.

That and our pretty crazy advanced way to transfer the wisdom of the old back into the new generation. (please tell me every one that read the knew I meant "COMMUNICATION", because if you didn't you need to do get professional help soon!)). We have the ability to communicate and explain complex concepts and ides to each other, we can write that communication down so it can benefit all of the parents and yours in our society and communities. Future generations can also obtain and use this wisdom and knowledge and enj0y the blood of their ancestors without spending the effort we did try to whjhen we were get the information

"You're wrong because: ..... (insert a shit tonn of so called confirmed ways and reasons the kids have it better than je ypoi were than we had.

Well, that's not really anything else than Just and fair , Comparing the number and the amount of it contributing to the progress of our species and science. Oh w8, no It is anything except fair. Not to mention the proportionally part.

But let's take a look at those great game changing improvements then. I challenfyou do so. But i cvan say you need to be prepared and have a little bit of a tolerance for having things you love and cherish as something positive, something good, be pointed out as a negative evil and damaging influence.

Let’s get right into the biggest perveived better thing that’s always mentioned in any discussio n on this topic: “They’ve got yhr intenet which they can use to communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet, at any time or place without evem having to stop doing what they were doing when they started their conversation.

Yeah yeah yeah I know that. I was the generation that brought it home and to masses remember? So thanks for birnging up a tiny little part of the reasoning for it to make things worse. You see we experienced communication differently. Besides the freedom of speech issues and simply not having the option of doing some community communicayion we knew communication was something precious and important that we couldn;t take for granted. It had to be to be as expensive as communication was back then.

But having known no other situation than gl9bal instant communication which everyone can afford and the phone haing been part of their childhood as they grew up,, communication for most of those living this day and age is even annoying, and to be considered to have no other purpose but to feel offended.

When we had our first steps on that what became the internet there was pretty mch nothing we couldn’t say. Therre was nothjng that couldn’t be joked about, and if you did manage to say or show something shocking you weren’t goinf to herE muxh from it. We certainly didn't have anything like woke, or and lgbtsquareplusfordlogo (or whatever the latest name for that group is and who's joined for the fun of being offended for and in pain with .

Nowadays one shitty old as fuck joke made on twitter 2 decades ago can be the cause for the end of some one's life. Career shredded, future unknown (death probably) and make the rest of life aa living hell until death. This has lead to the inevitable selfsensureship very much of all the entertainment we know to exist.

Aaaah it's not that bad. people just need to be consideate and express their feelings without hurting that of others!

Yes i have cameras and microphones hidden for aLL THOSE WHOI'VE EVER BEEN INHERE.,....It called me a herf nderfer

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2 years ago


I'd like to state that what you see here is the first draft of an article idea, inspired by a conversation I had with someone. A number of lines in it are actually from the automatic transcript, which is less than flawless as you may notice.

There's a lot in there that usually gets edited out, rephrased more politely and underpinned with more explanations and context.

I will write this article properly soon, might be nice for comparison of a first draft and final piece and the work in it.

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2 years ago

Remember always buddy choose to be happy and stay humble to other people☺️ and treat them like a good person what you are..

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2 years ago

LOL thanks! I am amazed you could make heads or tails from the rambling in the last part! I was really out of it by then. Soo disappointed! This wasn't the article I wanted to post al all!

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2 years ago

For your last statement , yes I agree with that you can express your feelings without hurting anybody. If did the opposite then that's a disgusted one. Hehe I still have difficulties when dealing emotions.

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2 years ago