Is this platform abandoned by the dev(s)?

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2 years ago

As per the rules stated by he rewarder this article is not going to get much attention from it, nor will it show up as recommended, probably. I write it nonetheless, and spend the coming hours, lots of hours, writing this and researching this, and re-thinking this. And it still may never get published in the end.

I have debated (with myself) an awful lot whether I would write this article or not. Chances are that it will elicit a lot of negative responses, if not outright anger and hate, because of what I am suggesting, or better said fearing.

But after giving it a lot of thought, some time, and checking my assumptions against the symptoms or signs that i think i'm seeing i decided that if i'm right then i'd rather know it for sure now than be caught completely blindsided later with no plan B to turn to for my writing urges to vent to.

You see I am here on this platform to put my writings out into the public, in a place where it gets read, at all to begin with but also read by people who appreciate it, and where other people write things that i appreciate and appreciate me reading their works.

The smile of my son, my joy that fuels me to go on.

The fact that it gives me the opportunity to, once a week or once every two weeks, make my Son smile happily more than i would've been able to otherwise is a huge bonus, don't get me wrong, but certainly, i think that i would publish my writings here even if i didn't get anything for them.

Not here for the money. Love the money, but its not why i am here.

In fact, after i'd written the previous paragraph i did some checking and i think (not entirely sure) that the latest articles are getting me less and less even though some of them have been the longest pieces of writing I've posted on here so far. So i seem to get less the more i write yet i write more and more. I might be developing a dependency problem here, getting addicted. ;-)

[DISCLAIMER]That last part was meant to be funny. Even when it was not, it was intended to be.[/DISCLAIMER]

I'm now realizing that I'm going off on a tangent, digressing wildly here. So, just a second... *SLAP, SLAP*

Auch, that hurt. But it did get me to refocus on what the point of writing this article was supposed to be. You see, i am getting more and more worried this site has been abandoned by its creators/devs to burn itself out, or miraculously turn out to be self-sustaining against all odds and expectations.

Not working towards the intended purpose of the platform

There are a number of reasons for my worries, and why they're growing. I'm going to write them all out for you in this article, but i am going to start off with the main reasoning behind the thought. Even though the number of accounts is still growing, Since August 2019 the number of users, i am guessing that includes inactive and other problematic (ie. not actively writing content) accounts has risen to 71.446.

Sure, if you'd have to shake hands with every one of them, that is an awful lot of users. But if you look at it from an internet platform, social media, attracting people to a site for a purpose point of view (let's be honest) it is next to nothing. Compared to Steem, Medium or even our own little sister Noise the number of people on this platform is small. And this is a problem, i think, for those who created it.

Their purpose, again, was to get as many people as possible into contact with Bitcoin Cash. I believe that the dev once even said "This is not your job, we didn't hire you to write articles on this website" or words to that effect.

Devs getting demotivated and fed up?

This brings me to another issue that i think has diminished the dev's motivation for working on this platform. The Many many "sub-communities" who are all sponsors of each other, upvote each other's 'articles' and comment each other while also inviting each other, their friends, family, neighbors, and pet parkiets to get their affiliate "earnings" a rolling start. There are a lot of people on here that are clearly trying to get as much of the "fund"'s Bitcoin Cash as they possibly can and some even are making a living doing it. I've read some postings here proudly describing this, encouraging others to do the same. That is not what this platform was created for.

And i think that the devs began to get despaired trying to combat behavior like that, besides the constant uphill fight against clear spammers and exploiters, copy-pasters, rewording bot users, and so on.

Noise.Cash not helping

The motivation for trying to make this platform work as intended seemed to have been even more drained when Noise went up and took off. There are now over 200.000 noisers and the numbers are rising (I've been told, can't seem to find stats for the site). With those numbers, a mobile app in the Google Play Store, and with an affiliate system now implemented, it seems the devs have their focus completely on that platform, as it brings the numbers they're looking for.

Symptoms beginning to crop up.

But its not just speculation that brings me to the fear that is being abandoned. If you try the top posts for 24 hours, three days and for the week then you get this:

It all seems to work still, mostly.

And this isn't just a temporary glitch. it's been this way for weeks. So there is functionality that isn't working but isn't getting fixed. Another thing that no longer works is the EXC tagging for articles. That's been broken for weeks now, too. It seems that the Rewarder is not using it as criteria any longer, it seems to work without it to me, but it could explain the growing number of times that i see articles getting rewarded that are barely in English and less than 4 minute reads.

This, and the way in which readcash is spoken of in several Subreddits and forums, some of which are frequented by people involved with the devs or are devs i suspect, lead me to suspect that this platform has been set on auto-cruise, and is being left to go on until the fund runs out (which, i grant, might be awhile yet, with @MarcDeMesel having stuffed it with close to a million dollars worth of Bitcoin Cahs) but certainly no longer maintained or developed.

Absence and silence

The roadmap hasn't been updated in months, the readcash account hasn't been active in months here and as i've shown earlier in this article there are functionalities no longer functioning, and clearly the fight to "force" users to create quality and exclusively for this platform seems to have been given up as well.

I am an avid user, and enthusiastic writer here!

Now don't misunderstand me, please. I am deeply saddened by the thought of this platform being left to entropy, slowly travelling to inevitable demise. I love this platform, and almost exclusively post my writings here. Other platforms don't have the community feel that i get here, and it was here that my most successful articles were those i wrote describing how miserable my life was, despite having had all the chances in the world to be ridiculously successful! It is here that pieces that i wrote that would get 1 or two views on most other sites get at least looked at by numbers in the 2 digit range. And that's stupendously few views on this site where some get hundreds or thousands of views.

I've got 4 sponsors that earn me $0,42 per month, practically nothing compared to others on this site, but i am prouder than i am able to express none the less that there are already 4 people that are willing to have their logo and link appear in stuff that i write every single time!


But i fear that one day there will be a notice stating the end of the platform or most of its functionality. The last line linking here, explaining how to download all your posts and how to 'selfhost'.

Please comment your view on this issue and this platform. Prove me wrong. PLEASE?

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


Don't fret yet!! I see the Random Rewarder stopped by to pay his respects! I would say that is a positive sign. That said, you make some really good observations. Do you know if of Read users are abandoning the platform altogether, or just splitting their time between the two sites? I don't really notice anything out of the ordinary on Read as far as the usual content creators I usually follow are still publishing new articles, and they seem to be still be gett generous tips from the Random Rewarder, but I haven't been around that long either.

I'm new to Read, and I don't really publish articles anymore because I'm lazy, haha. I just like to read the articles about BCH & Crypto related topics and share whatever tips I get with the people who write articles that I find useful. The funny thing is I love to write, and talk online so I joined Noise too.

I actually like the way Noise.Cash is structured because you don't have to worry if your post is too short, or even too long for that matter. You are free to express yourself in one word, or five hundred words. It's totally up to you. The other thing I think is drawing more people to Noise is the friendly atmosphere. It just feels like a close family where as Read just doesn't have that feel to me anyway. It is by far the most pleasant experience I have ever had on a social media site. Of course there are your spammers, scammers, and occasional troll, but nothing like Twitter, or some of the other social media platforms.

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2 years ago

Maybe you just have to logged out your account and log in again so it will refresh, the problem was fixed already. Although it's hard to communicate with devs team here they are doing their best. Recommended was broken last 2-3 weeks it was fixed when the site keeps having maintenance.

But the OC detector is not yet fine as we can't see any EXC badge yet or maybe they removed it already.

As long as the talking head does not release any information about closure there's nothing to worry, just keep your regular activities here.

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2 years ago

That is not what this platform was created for.

I wrote a similar article a few months ago of which I ended up getting hateful comments from reader ( while some even block me).

This is an issues we need to address.

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2 years ago

There could be an end to funding of Read.Cash one day and it is completely understood. Nobody rational will be expecting one person alone to keep funding a website.

The way I see things, Read.Cash has helped with Bitcoin Cash adoption and it could be bold to say this, but I think that it also helped with the price. has helped a lot more though, and this was visible especially during February-April when Bitcoin Cash daily transactions reached to a higher number than those of BTC, mostly because of all the millions of microtransactions it processed. Noise cash has more significance to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, and I think that it is fair the devs are focusing more on it.

I'm not losing hope on Read.Cash though and I will explain why I think it will get better soon.

First, about the detail you've mentioned when checking the top articles by day/3days/week, this issue in your screenshot doesn't appear for me. I usually check the top articles, I did so yesterday and it was fine. The same is today. I don't know why you have this issue, it could be something related to your browser configuration perhaps.

About the EXC, it was used before but it was broken. The cheaters were simply paraphrasing content with the use of websites that perform this function and were managing to go unnoticed for months.

When I joined, I immediately spotted them, as I had been helping forums with this kind of behavior. From my experience, it is easy to spot which articles are plagiarised without looking a lot.

Some will still go unnoticed and plagiarism checkers will not find them. The bigger problem was that when I was just reporting those cheaters, the platform was punishing me. As I understand, previous users have abused the report function and for some reason payments by the rewarder were stopped for three days after reporting.

Sounds unbelievable right? I didn't believe it either. But after the third or fourth time it happened, I knew this was the reason and also validated it. I was reporting cheaters that plagiarised and getting punished out of rewards instantly for using the report. This led me to create articles about the plagiarists instead and it worked better than I expected since most of them started making mistakes and then a whole gang of them appeared out of nowhere supporting each other and cursing me in their comments.

Anyway, I expressed to the admin this fact (about the reporting punishment) and it is now fixed, at least for me. I no longer get stopped from rewards when I report. By the way, I have no other reason to report a post unless it is cheating. And frankly, I wouldn't like it to try to help, and for this reason being getting cut out of rewards, others were handed out without ever caring.

The point of writing all of that was that I have been reassured by the admins that there will be an improvement in plagiarism detection and the old system wasn't working as it was expected. The EXC is now gone and I think that it is already replaced. Not sure, and didn't ask, I will keep protecting the platform I chose to write my posts originally by cheaters and I'm glad that at least I can just report them right now.

In terms of development, I don't see it as abandoned but it is obvious that most work is now diverted to Noise.Cash.

After writing all the above, I think that there are users that identify the facts you explain and want the platform to increase in numbers and quality, which will eventually lead to increased rankings and better conditions to become profitable later.

For the time being, Marc is clearly enjoying reading quality articles, and lately tipped heftily a brilliant writer (@dave_gutteridge) that adds value to the platform.

The account belonged to Simon (dev) (I think so) and from what I've read stopped posting and was self-banned after an incident during the ABC fork, when there was some kind of tacky meme contest was announced, that led to further division between the two sides of the fork.

Now, I checked Alexa rankings (if we can count on the stats they provide) and it seems that Read.Cash is at a stable position (~50,000 place), but this has a lot room for improvement. I remember other crypto platforms similar to Read.Cash (Publish0x & Uptrennd) having reached at least 20,000th place. But when compared to Medium this is probably very far,since this is a top 100-200 websites worldwide.

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2 years ago

Well i've tried a different browser, but the top 24hrs is as broken in either Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Min and in Opera. It's not that the same results show every time either. But if i'm the only one having issues with those, i'm perfectly fine with that! Happy to be wrong that functions breaks down without getting fixed.

And ofcourse one man cannot keep funding a site like this indefinately. I wouldn't want him to, because that would make him seem a lot less intelligent than he is. I would want (in a perfect outcome) for the site to selfsustain, or make profit for contribution to either the site development or Bitcoin Cash adoption. But this is not easy to achieve with a not huge community base of serious and caring community working to improve the site and the content. This is not what this community is developing into, and that is something that is like a Sword of Damocles (one getting bigger all the time) hanging over us.

It's too soon for this platform to be able to keep up its own pants, and the growing number of users that are not here to help Bitcoin Cash grow, the platform grow, or the community grow but to help their "Passive income" grow, are going to make things deteriorate. already has a "reputation|" for being either a Marc de Mezel circlejerk, a Fillipino Development Aid tax evasion circlejerk or a pyramidscam thing in some places and like this things aren't going to change that for the better.

A moderation mechanism, an aggregation of the content needs to be done so that articles that are origional and written for the purpose of the writing of the article stay as the way they are now, but that prunes the very bad ones and the scammy ones and the spammy ones, and walls them off in a seperate section or somethting. I don't know. I think i'm rambling a bit.

The main thing for me, Saturday night.... xcuse me Sunday morning 00:32AM, just returned from visiting a couple of friends and some drinks, is that this platform had a civilized and friendly vibe going through it in the way of the comments to the articles. No matter what the subject, or the quality, the replies were mostly civilized and amicable. The community and the discoursse in the comments were the dictionaty picture next to the explaination of the oreverbial "agree to disagree" environment.

And sure, Marc's sporadic sensational big ttipping did add a certain excitement energy to the platform's atmosphere! In a good way, asi have noticed writers improving in the quality of the articles they wrote over time, trying to write articles that contributed something to this platform or to the readers of the articles here. The platform has also drawn some minds and idialisms to the platform with ways of looking at things from a different angle tban most,

I am convinced the coming together of those, not in danger of being drowned by toxic adressive replies, and left in peace to become aware of other's existence, subsequently taking knowledge of their ideas have resulted in beneficial action or production that has helped someone or done some good somewhere.

Hold on... yep, i am still rambling aren't i? A shoot!


And then we'll pick this up when i wake up... in an hour or 12..... 20.... 24 :P

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2 years ago